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CD No: ISC-395
Release Date: 2018/01/09
Format: 2CD

OUT OF PRINT CD. Greatly expanded 2-CD release of rousing Michael Kamen soundtrack for blockbuster Kevin Costner epic! Warner Bros. presents a James G. Robinson presentation, a Morgan Creek production with Kevin Costner as Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. Kevin Reynolds directs, Morgan Freeman co-stars as Azeem with Christian Slater, Alan Rickman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Michael McShane, Nik Brimble playing legendary supporting characters respectively Will Scarlett, the Sheriff of Nottingham, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Little John. Michael Kamen scores for massive orchestra in full-blooded action/adventure mode, fashioning his most successful score. Opening fanfare-theme led by trumpets becomes so popular and recognizable that Morgan Creek embraces tune for their company logo in subsequent features. Robin of Lockley returns from captivity in the Holy Lands to his beloved England, only to find his father slain, his lands robbed and his country led not by Richard the Lionheart but by evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Romance with Marian and battles with the Sheriff, aided by Robin’s band of Merry Men from Sherwood Forest all become Kamen’s inspiration. He delivers thematically rich musical tapestry in the best “old-fashioned” symphonic style with strains energetic and exciting, dramatic and intense, lyrical and lovely as corresponding scenes require. Defining wall-to-wall scoring, nearly two hours of music play in film with many lengthy set-pieces and numerous cues joining together one after the other. Action and excitement remain keynotes! Morgan Creek label issues 50 minutes of score highlights plus two songs on hugely successful CD in 1991. Intrada re-masters and expands album to more than twice that length, offering some 110 minutes of music plus another 20-plus minutes of alternates for a total of 130 minutes of Michael Kamen at his most lavish! Previously unreleased highlights abound: Robin’s first dueling encounter with Guy of Gisborne, magnificent music for Robin’s escape from clutches of Sheriff at his Nottingham castle, Merry Men’s ambush of Gisborne, intense music for battle with Celts plus greatly expanded climactic rescue music all deserve spotlight. The Extras section of CD 2 also affords listeners numerous alternates plus different mixes made by composer and engineer Bobby Fernandez after the original May 1991 scoring sessions. Two-track digital session mixes courtesy Warner Bros. and Morgan Creek Music Group. Dramatic package design by Kay Marshall with Joe Sikoryak, informative booklet notes by Frank K. DeWald. Michael Kamen composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain! ---INTRADA

Track List

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CD 1 Original Score - Part 1
01. Main Title - Prince Of Thieves (2:45)
02. From Chains To Freedom (6:22)
03. Robin Foils Gisborne (6:14)
04. I Will Not Rest (2:34)
05. Meet Marian (1:10)
06. Escape To Sherwood (7:43)
07. The River (0:51)
08. Little John Fight (4:51)
09. Camp Oak (1:43)
10. Robin Escapes (4:37)
11. Stitch (0:46)
12. Village Destructo (Alternate #2) (1:58)
13. Training Sequence (5:08)
14. The Merry Men Continue Raids (1:55)
15. The Merry Men Ambush Gisborne (4:51)
16. Marian At The Waterfall / Camp (9:13)
CD 1 Total Time: 63:03

CD 2 Original Score - Part 2
01. Medieval Dance Source (0:58)
02. Baby (3:58)
03. The Plot Thickens (Maid Marian) (7:17)
04. Warning Arrow (1:12)
05. Celt Battle (5:02)
06. Duncan’s Death (5:17)
07. Plans For Rescue (6:50)
08. Mayhem In Town (0:47)
09. Rescue Marian (13:25)
10. Reunited And Finale (2:28)
Original Score - Part 2 Time: 47:26

The Extras
11. I Will Not Rest (Alternate Mix) (2:35)
12. Robin Gives Marian Ring (Alternate Mix) (2:57)
13. The Band In The Forest (Alternate) (1:31)
14. Village Destructo (Original Without Brass) (0:46)
15. Village Destructo (Alternate #1) (0:46)
16. Training Sequence (Alternate #1) (2:06)
17. Training Sequence (Alternate #2) (2:07)
18. Marian At The Waterfall / Camp (Alternate Mix) (5:31)
19. Mayhem In Town (Alternate) (0:47)
20. Join Robin (Alternate) (1:38)
21. Maid Marian (Album Version) (2:55)
Total Extras Time: 23:57
CD 2 Total Time: 71:36