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CD No: ISC-384
Release Date: 2017/07/11
Format: 1CD

OUT OF PRINT CD. Two soundtracks for movies set in Vietnam during the war! First is world premiere release of brief original score by Alex North for legendary 1987 Barry Levinson film Good Morning, Vietnam. Robin Williams headlines as radio deejay Adrian Cronauer. Co-starring are Forest Whitaker, Bruno Kirby. Mitch Markowitz (of M*A*S*H fame) scripts, Disney’s Touchstone Pictures presents. Largely dialed out or to inaudibility in finished film, North scores dramatic aspects of film from grim bombing aftermath in popular Vietnam community restaurant and Cronauer’s awakenings to life amidst a volatile war zone to tender ideas for new friendships and moving anthems of military life. North facets all violins, relies on violas, cellos and basses for deeper string sonorities. Plethora of complex woodwind figures also have their say as do jagged outbursts of brass, primarily during “Chasing Tuan”. North also composed several tiny fanfare-like “sign-ons” and “like tweets” for radio broadcasts, mostly unused in the film. Entire score recorded by North is offered in stereo, newly mixed and mastered from 2” 24-track session elements vaulted in pristine condition by Walt Disney Pictures, courtesy Disney and Universal Music Group. Up next is Operation Dumbo Drop, excitingly scored by David Newman. Simon Wincer directs 1995 film, Danny Glover, Ray Liotta, Denis Leary star, Walt Disney Pictures presents. Based on real wartime event, tale of hazardous cargo flight and parachute drop of elephant into remote Vietnamese village inspired Newman to create mammoth symphonic score replete with stirring melody and powerful action material. Highlights are numerous: swelling, triumphant climax of emotional temple scene “Cahill And Lihn/The Temple”, exciting action of “River Fight/The Watch”. Action remains keynote and incredible 8-minute “The Jump” sequence ranks amongst composer’s finest works. Sensational music! Hollywood Records released album in 1995 that melded songs with five generous selections from Newman’s score. Intrada greatly expands on those selections with additional cues, newly mixed from 48-track digital scoring masters. Original recording utilized two synchronized 24-track digital recorders at Abbey Road Studios in London. Required timecode tracks for synching were no longer available, requiring Disney transfer engineers and veteran scoring mixer Bruce Botnick to manually synch and newly re-mix everything using meticulous, labor-intensive process. Every new cue available has been included in stunning stereo sound, omitting just a few moments of shorter pieces and transitional bits. Booklet notes by John Takis, Graphic design by Kay Marshall. Alex North & Artie Kane conduct first score, David Newman conducts second score. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain! ---INTRADA

Track List

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(Alex North)
01. Levitan Sign On (Alternate No. 3)* (0:16)
02. Jimmy Wah’s Bombing (1:26)
03. Village (3:51)
04. Levitan Sign On* (0:10)
05. Goodbye To Troops* (1:11)
06. Jungle (0:33)
07. Goodbye To Troops (Alternate)** (1:11)
08. Levitan Sign On (Alternate No. 1) (0:10)
09. Chasing Tuan (2:27)
10. Troops Arriving (1:04)
11. Levitan Sign On (Alternate No. 2)* (0:09)
12. Goodbye Tuan (0:59)
13. End Credits (2:42)

The Extras
14. Chaplain’s Music (0:31)
15. Like Tweet No. 1* (0:10)
16. Like Tweet No. 2* (0:07)
17. Like Tweet No. 3 (0:08)
Good Morning Vietnam - Time: 17:17

(David Newman)
18. Opening (2:04)
19. Chopper Ride (1:18)
20. Starting The Journey (1:30)
21. Bo-Tat Enters Plane (1:20)
22. Cahill’s Plans/Bo-Tat Wakes Up (3:21)
23. Bo-Tat Runs/In The Jungle (2:46)
24. Smart Ass/Banana Chase (1:44)
25. Get Away (1:21)
26. River Fight/The Watch (4:15)
27. Cahill And Lihn/The Temple (6:10)
28. Cowboy And Elephant Part 2/Trusting Lihn (1:25)
29. Preparation For Operation (3:01)
30. You Lie You Lie (0:31)
31. The Jump (8:13)
32. The Ceremony/Cahill And Lihn Again/Farewell (4:05)
33. End Credits (4:02)
Operation Dumbo Drop - Time: 47:57

*Not Featured in Film
**Includes Music Not Featured in Film