2. THE DAY OF THE LOCUST (Expanded)


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CD No: ISC-367
Release Date: 2016/11/01
Format: 1CD

OUT OF PRINT CD. Beautiful, nostalgic John Barry score finally receives long-overdue royal treatment on CD! Intrada premiered original 1975 London soundtrack album on CD in 2010, presenting the brief 31-minute program which offered 8 selections from Barry’s score plus period source music by various artists. New expanded Intrada release finally presents entire 34-minute John Barry score plus additional score alternates and unused music including three Barry songs, penned with his frequent lyricist, Don Black. As John Barry authority Jon Burlingame puts succinctly in his booklet notes, “nearly 48-minutes of vintage John Barry from one of the composer’s most creative periods.” Additionally, the film’s flavorful late 1930’s-era source music, much of it specially arranged and recorded for the movie by Barry, is also included on this generous 78-minute CD following the original score presentation. John Schlesinger directs this important 1975 film about down and out residents and players in Tinseltown, one of the darkest, most evocative and sobering movies about old Los Angeles ever produced. All-star casting includes Donald Sutherland, Burgess Meredith, William Atherton, Karen Black, Geraldine Page, many others. Famed screenwriter Waldo Salt (Midnight Cowboy) adapted Nathanael West’s literary masterpiece, Jerome Hellman produced. Barry fashioned one of his all-time most haunting, nostalgic themes using his trademark harmonic vernacular to anchor extremely flexible melody in tender sadness, then ushers it through variety of styles as picture needs required, from gently flowing flute over harp to full orchestra, from soft-shoe muted trumpet through intense, dramatic statements. In fact, climactic variant showcases Barry at his most dramatic with unusually intense scoring for surreal, grotesque climactic sequence. Complete scoring session elements provided courtesy Paramount Pictures yields much improved, richer audio quality than previously available on original record. 20-page full color booklet designed by Kay Marshall with notes by Jon Burlingame plus session dates, musicians and arranger details round out handsome package. John Barry composes, orchestrates, conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain! ---INTRADA

Track List

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01. Theme From The Day of the Locust (1:41)
02. The Storyteller (1:13)
03. The Flying Carpet (1:48)
04. A Picture of Love (3:03)
05. Waterloo Sketches (0:53)
06. No Love Have I (1:00)
07. Rowdy Rumba (2:41)
08. Soft Shoe Salesman (3:04)
09. The Garden of the Locust/Lovers in the Valley (2:51)
10. Fire and Passion (2:16)
11. A Natural Clown/The Death of a Clown (1:02)
12. The Hungry Tart (1:11)
13. Fashion and Fantasy (1:20)
14. Pictures From the Past (1:17)
15. Unexpected Reunion (1:39)
16. Lonely Lover (film version) (0:43)
17. The Day of the Locust (4:22)
18. Memories of Yesterday (1:37)
Total Time: 34:04

19. Who Needs Stars (1:31)
20. The Garden of the Locust (shorter version) (1:55)
21. Soft Shoe Salesman (album version) (2:41)
22. Fire and Passion (2:18)
23. A Natural Clown (reduced orchestration) (0:32)
24. The Hungry Tart (shorter version) (1:00)
25. Lonely Lover (violin version) (0:32)
26. Lonely Lover (woodwind version) (0:34)
27. Last Year’s Dreams (1:31)
28. Like Old Times (1:31)
Total Time: 14:21

29. Jeepers Creepers (2:41)
30. Isn’t It Romantic (1:41)
31. I Wished on the Moon (2:34)
32. Jeepers Creepers (0:59)
33. Hot Voodoo (1:56)
34. I’m Feeling High (1:00)
35. Who’s Your Little Who-zis! (1:44)
36. Sing You Sinners (2:43)
37. Paramount on Parade/The Invaders(From The Vagabond King)/ June in January/Columbia the Gem of the Ocean (2:37)
38. Oh How I Love Jesus (1:58)
39. There Is Power in the Blood (3:39)
40. Deck the Halls (0:40)
41. Minuet From Quintet in E (Boccherini) (1:02)
42. In an Eighteenth Century Drawing Room (2:38)
43. Radio Show - Soap (1:56)
Total Time: 30:02
Total CD Time: 78:47