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CD No: ISC-349
Release Date: 2016/03/15
Format: 2CD

OUT OF PRINT CD. 2-CD release of entire classic Miklos Rozsa fantasy soundtrack in stereo, coupled with first CD release of original United Artists 1974 soundtrack album from genuine first generation stereo masters recently located in vaults in Italy! All previous CDs used heavily-processed LP sources for album program while expanded tracks were transferred from mono film stems, thereby reproducing all truncated edits, awkward films assemblies contained therein. Intrada release finally presents cues in full from new stereo elements including precious, newly-discovered actual three-channel scoring session masters, original two-track stereo tapes plus small handful of restored 35mm stereo stems courtesy Columbia Pictures and skilled engineers at Chace Audio. Gordon Hessler follow-up to famed 7th Voyage Of Sinbad again showcases legendary stop-motion talents of Ray Harryhausen with stars John Philip Law, Caroline Munro, Tom Baker amongst the live-action characters. Brian Clemens scripts, Charles Schneer produces with Harryhausen. Rozsa pulls out all stops, provides lavish, magnificent score with equal parts epic adventure, rousing action. Main theme is sweeping nautical idea for Sinbad, replete with a distinctive ''tri-tone'' (the unstable augmented fourth interval) in its melodic shape. Sinister villain Khoura also displays same interval but now plays to menace and evil. Other themes are replete with swirling Oriental colors of Arabian Nights fantasy, still others bring extraordinary animated creations of Harryhausen to frightening life. Witness vivid cues for Homunculus, Siren, Kali, Gryphon and Centaur. Inventive, imaginative scoring! Newly-expanded selections now offer complete versions of many film cues that had endings dialed out or sections truncated entirely for finished film and previous CD releases. Pinched sound of actual recordings plus small number of myriad room noises (including brief low level ''thumps'' during ''The Storm'') were present on all masters and could not be avoided. But incredible discovery of so much new material in stereo being made available on CD for the first time ever more than compensates. Hearing many cues play without abrupt film edits is a delight. In addition to entire score and original album presentations, Intrada 2-CD set also provides all surviving three-channel scoring session cues, offering dynamic, detailed audio as never before heard anywhere! Amongst these are variety of full source cues scored by Rozsa in his typically colorful, highly original period style. Also great fun to hear rousing set-piece ''Sinbad And Crew Fight Siren'' in such crisp sound from three-channel masters! All cue titles come from Columbia scoring session paperwork. Spectacular flipper-style cover package design by Joe Sikoryak offers both original United Artists album graphics and richly drawn international campaign artwork. Informative liner notes from Frank DeWald plus detailed comments about various restorations, assemblies of cues and extensions from edited film versions also appear in lavish booklet. Miklos Rozsa's 70's masterpiece in all its glory at last! Miklos Rozsa conducts the Rome Symphony Orchestra. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!


Track List

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    CD1 Original 1974 United Artists Soundtrack Album
    01. Prelude (1:31)
    02. Arrival Of The Homunculus (2:42)
    03. The Dream (1:16)
    04. The Storm (1:57)
    05. Marabia Beach (1:25)
    06. Koura’s Pursuit (1:49)
    07. The Destiny (2:48)
    08. Night Time (3:06)
    09. The Siren (3:24)
    10. The Chart (4:44)
    11. Making Of The Homunculus (2:46)
    12. Temple Of The Oracle (3:17)
    13. Escape From The Temple (2:44)
    14. Sinbad Discovers Koura (1:52)
    15. Sinbad Fights Kali (3:27)
    16. Fountain Of Destiny (2:28)
    17. The Centaur And The Gryphon (3:58)
    18. Death Of The Centaur (1:35)
    19. Koura’s End (3:41)
    20. Sinbad’s Decision (3:48)
         Total 1974 Album Time: 55:17

    Complete Soundtrack - Part 1
    21. Main Title (1:33)
    22. Homunculus Drops Tablet On Sinbad’s Ship (2:42)
    23. Sinbad’s Dream (1:16)
    24. Storm (Koura Calls)/Marabia (3:16)
    25. Koura Chases Sinbad To Vizier’s City (1:50)
    26. Koura’s Castle/Vizier Receives Sinbad Into Palace (1:31)
    27. Vizier - Sinbad Enter Lower Chamber (0:46)
    28. Lower Chamber (2 Tablets & Map) (2:28)
    29. Belly Dance (Sinbad’s Ship) (0:34)
    30. Lower Chamber (Homunculus Explodes) (1:29)
    31. Sinbad In Hakim’s Market (1:01)
    32. Sinbad Throws Hakim’s Bodyguard (0:30)
    33. Sinbad Meets Margiana/Vizier - Margiana Board Sinbad’s Ship (3:42)
    34. Haroun Appears On Deck (0:42)
    Complete Score - Part 1 Time: 24:13
    CD1 Total Time: 79:36

    CD2 Complete Soundtrack - Part 2
    01. Koura - Sinbad’s Ship At Night/Sinbad - Margiana In Cabin (6:01)
    02. Koura Guides Siren To Chart (3:22)
    03. Sinbad And Crew Fight Siren (4:43)
    04. Haroun’s Lute (0:22)
    05. Lemuria - Part 1 & Part 2 (1:07)
    06. Making Homunculus (2:43)
    07. Sinbad - Koura Land On Lemuria (3:13)
    08. Lute Stinger/Sinbad Arrives At Temple/Medium Speaks (3:46)
    09. Oracle Appears/Oracle Speech/Oracle Disappears (3:27)
    10. Koura Lights Fuse And Temple Explodes (0:23)
    11. Escape From Temple Of The Oracle (2:42)
    12. Green Men Capture Koura (0:48)
    13. Koura To Green Men’s Temple (0:56)
    14. Kali Walk Dance (1:52)
    15. Koura Challenges Sinbad To Fight Kali/Kali Fight/Green Men Put Margiana In Pit (5:06)
    16. Green Men Put Margiana In Pit/Horn (Green Men) (2:19)
    17. Centaur Appears (2:37)
    18. Koura’s Prayer Brings Down Rocks (2:40)
    19. Koura Enters Cave/Fountain Of Destiny (2:28)
    20. Koura Praying By Fountain (0:35)
    21. Centaur Attacks Sinbad (5:28)
    22. Sinbad Fights Invisible Koura/Crown Of Many Riches And End Title (7:21)
    Complete Score - Part 2 Time: 64:57

    The Extras (Three-Channel Stereo Session Mixes)
    23. Vizier - Fanfare (Early Unused Take) (0:10)
    24. Koura’s Castle/Vizier Receives Sinbad Into Palace (Complete) (1:59)
    25. Vizier - Sinbad Enter Lower Chamber (Complete) (0:47)
    26. Belly Dance (Sinbad’s Ship) (0:34)
    27. Sinbad In Hakim’s Market (1:02)
    28. Haroun’s Lute (0:24)
    29. Lute Stinger (0:05)
    30. Sinbad And Crew Fight Siren (4:43)
    31. Lemuria - Part 1 & Part 2 (1:07)
    32. Making Homunculus (2:43)
    Session Mixes Time: 13:53
    CD2 Total Time: 78:58