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Format: 1CD

Recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studios, EXCELSIUS is an epic orchestral and choral masterpiece from award-winning film and orchestral composer Larry Groupe. Featuring large orchestra and choir, intricate orchestrations and sweeping melodies, Groupes debut album pulls out all the stops in delivering passionate, emotional, cinematic themes originally composed for a European docudrama about the life and work of missionary Reinhard Bonnke.

As the film was never broadcast, Groupes work is arguably the most ambitiously epic soundtrack that has never been heard!
Three years in the making, recorded at Abbey Road with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir.

Track List

1. Salvatio Crudus
2. Together, We Build
3. This Sacred Journey (Immediate Mix)
4. Where Memory Lives
5. Echoes of Passion
6. Inexorabilis
7. Glory Reborn
8. The Struggle Endures
9. Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
10. Passage for One
11. Onward to Elysius
12. Missionary
13. The Inquest
14. Amare Terra Firma
15. Torment of the Soul
16. Lamentatio Di Molis
17. In a Moment of Greatness
18. This Sacred Journey (Reprise)
19. Excelsius (Immediate Mix)