Price(USD): $21.80

Release Date: 2016/10/28
Format: 1CD

Howlin' Wolf Records is very proud to present a premiere double-bill release of Vincent Gillioz's original scores to SONATA (2004) and THE SAND (2015). Gillioz, raised in Geneva, Switzerland, currently lives in Los Angeles and has scored no less than 35 feature films accumulating numerous scholarships and awards throughout his career, including 9 best score awards. This is Howlin' Wolf Records' third project with composer Vincent Gillioz following LAST BREATH and COLLAPSE.

SONATA, starring Nicole DuPort and AnnieScott Rogers, and directed by Boris Undorf, is a claustrophobic thriller about a young woman, locked up in a house of secrets by an overprotective mother, who is visited by an enigmatic stranger. This music showcases Gillioz's early efforts, displaying his versatility and inventiveness in the psychological genre. THE SAND, starring Brooke Butler, Mitchel Musso, genre favorite Jamie Kennedy, and directed by Isaac Gabaeff, presents a thought-provoking contrast of musical styles. Gillioz brings a warm orchestral palette, with a touch of electronics, to accentuate the growing terror faced by teenagers stranded on a deadly beach. Both scores feature Gillioz's trademark melodic motifs, presenting a detailed yet cohesive listening experience.

Produced and annotated with exclusive liner notes by Benjamin Chee, this double feature is limited to 500 units, with a 12-page full color booklet and striking art design by Luis M Rojas.

Track List

THE SAND (35:53)

1. Sandy Clues. 0:55
2. Message in the Sand. 3:19
3. This F**king Sand is Eating This F**king Bird!. 4:19
4. From Within. 2:28
5. A Beach Too Far. 4:59
6. Relieved. 1:26
7. Crimson Died. 0:54
8. Pier Pressure. 6:10
9. Swallowed. 1:47
10. Sand-I-Am. 4:16
11. Carnage. 0:57
12. The Early Bird Gets Eaten by the Worm. 3:08
13. Sun of a Beach. 1:15

SONATA (36:08)

14. A Curious Tale. 3:53
15. The Diary. 0:55
16. Clown Waltz. 2:33
17. Painting Outside the Canvas. 1:57
18. Happy Enough. 0:36
19. Sonata. 3:45
20. Innocence. 2:08
21. Pleading Child. 4:13
22. No Playing Games. 3:59
23. An Important Event. 2:59
24. In Charge. 2:52
25. Almost Too Serious. 1:57
26. Frightening. 1:32
27. Purification. 2:49