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CD No: HWRCD-053
Release Date: 2021/12/10
Format: 1CD

Howlin’ Wolf Records is excited to present JeanMichelNoir's wickedly delightful score GOOD TIDINGS - filled with mayhem and menacing holiday cheer. Evil Santas everywhere, beware, there is a new and more terrifying breed of unremorseful and sinister Santa a la the Christmas shocker GOOD TIDINGS! To up the ante, there is not one, but three, twisted masked killers to flee - a trinity of terror! The most malevolent Father Christmas of the troupe is none other than composer JeanMichelNoir, indulging one of his other creative passions as an actor, filmmaker, and storyteller. He discusses the intent to make a film that was "straight-up unapologetic horror" with a performance as the "scariest bad guy" possible. There is no spoiler in proclaiming, mission accomplished!

JeanMichelNoir, self-described as the "playful demon," is one of the creative entities who live within Liverpool artist, composer, musician, filmmaker, and actor Liam Ashcroft. Ashcroft is a prolific artist and creator who moves seamlessly between the inner creative forces that drive him. Be it JeanMichelNoir (the composer), Mugsmasher (the political activist), or Liam Ashcroft (the master for channeling all internal creative forces), the output is always an unbridled fury of fierce originality!

GOOD TIDINGS has the progressive operatic feel of Oldfield's "Tubular Bells," and JeanMichelNoir credits Goldsmith's "Ave Satani" as an influence, using his voice to chant woeful Latin-translated phrases to fashion a "scary carol." Whatever the influences, they are molded, twisted, and contorted into a form that is distinctively JeanMichelNoir.

GOOD TIDINGS features a 16-page booklet with liner notes by composer JeanMichelNoir and beautiful original cover art by Austin Hinderliter (Creepy Carves). The packaging is exquisitely designed by acclaimed Howlin' Wolf Records Art Director Luis Miguel Rojas weaving a tapestry of psycho-Santa promo shots from the film with vibrant imagery of the composer in a colorful giallo-infused style. -HOWLING WOLF RECORDS

Track List

Album Running Time: 72:09

1. Glad Tidings (8:15)
2. A Warm Welcome (2:59)
3. Head Games (1:18)
4. Season's Greetings (5:44)
5. Festivities (2:31)
6. Who’s Naughty? (4:18)
7. Death Carol (0:28)
8. Mistletoe (0:45)
9. Crueltide (1:04)
10. Tinsel Traitor (8:22)
11. God Save Us, Everyone (10:04)
12. Gifts Galore (3:38)
13. We Three Things (2:09)
14. A Chance (1:34)
15. Caroling to Hell (3:08)
16. Fleck The Halls (6:25)
17. Hell Horns and Jingle Bells (9:23)