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CD No: HWRCD-052
Release Date: 2021/12/10
Format: 1CD

Howlin’ Wolf Records proudly presents HOLIDAY HELL, a beautifully crafted holiday anthology score by composer and filmmaker Semih Tareen. HOLIDAY HELL stars horror icon Jeffrey Combs, as the mysterious shop owner of the Nevertold Casket Co. - Antiques & Curiosities, in addition to veteran actor and brother to Bill Murray, Joel Murray, as a down on his luck Santa.

HOLIDAY HELL is a clever blend of anthology-storytelling and horror, with a touch of black comedy, co-written by Jeff Ferrell and Jeff Vigil - both directing anthology segments in association with a troupe of collaborating directors. A shop full of macabre novelties helps spin an elaborate web with each tale of terror introduced by Jeffrey Combs, the shop curator of oddities.

Semih Tareen is an accomplished, award-winning composer with more than 18 years of experience scoring symphonic and midi scores, who happens to have a fascinating side gig as a research scientist with a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology - a true right brain/left brain wizard! He studied with two-time Emmy winning composer Hummie Man at the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program. The composer is also an accomplished filmmaker, having received acclaim for a short Bava-inspired giallo he made while attending the Seattle Film Institute, cleverly titled "Yellow." For HOLIDAY HELL, the composer had to craft a score to harmoniously connect each segment while honoring the unique musical narrative needed to accompany each twisted tale. Included as a bonus on the CD, to add a touch of spooky ambiance, is a suite of vintage carols used in the film.

HOLIDAY HELL features a 20-page booklet with liner notes by writer/director Jeff Ferrell and composer Semih Tareen along with beautiful original cover art by Chris Barnes (BRUTAL Posters). The packaging is magnificently stylized by longtime Howlin' Wolf Records Art Director Luis Miguel Rojas. -HOWLING WOLF RECORDS

Track List

Album Running Time: 45:30

1. Holiday Hell (1:24)
2. Curiosities (0:37)
3. Doll House (2:12)
4. Valentine’s Day (1:07)
5. Little Girl’s Room (1:17)
6. Behind the Door (0:16)
7. All Alone (0:32)
8. The Backyard (0:48)
9. Hey There Dollface (0:33)
10. The Victims (1:39)
11. Flashback (0:46)
12. The Doll (0:22)
13. Gift Giving (2:26)
14. The Scripture (1:07)
15. Babysitter (0:32)
16. Play Games (0:58)
17. Neck and Achilles Heel (1:12)
18. The Cleanup (1:04)
19. The Alley (1:30)
20. Hi De Ho! (1:45)
21. The Ring (0:54)
22. Jenne Farm (0:35)
23. Night Chants (0:43)
24. A Day in Town (1:28)
25. Back at the Farm (2:08)
26. The Congregation (2:27)
27. The Ceremony (1:49)
28. Baby Room (0:35)
29. Who Are You People (3:46)
30. Solstice (2:59)
31. Carols Suite - Various Artists (5:46)