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CD No: HWRCD-048
Release Date: 2021/07/30
Format: 2CD

Howlin' Wolf Records proudly presents a 2-CD set with music composed and performed by accomplished Director and Composer Jamie Blanks - STORM WARNING (2007) and CRAWLSPACE (2012) - Both scores won "Best Musical Score" at Screamfest the only two years Blanks entered scores for competition at the festival. Renowned and award-winning for both directing and composing, Jamie Blanks is best known as the director of both URBAN LEGEND (1998) and VALENTINE (2001), and the director, composer, and editor of both STORM WARNING (2007) and LONG WEEKEND (2008). STORM WARNING and LONG WEEKEND were both written by legendary screenwriter Everett DeRoche, who Blanks kept as a treasured friend up until DeRoche's death. CRAWLSPACE (2012) is the directorial debut of Justin Dix, Blanks' practical effects and make-up wizard for both STORM WARNING and LONG WEEKEND. Like Blanks with his two wins for "Best Musical Score," Dix won "Best Makeup and Effects" at Screamfest in 2007 and 2012.

Blanks' reputation in both Hollywood and Aussie Cinema is remarkable. Mike Thorn (Author of "Shelter for the Damned" and "Darkest Hours") writes about Blanks, "Jamie Blanks is an auteur, plain and simple, and this fact has been clear from the very beginning of his career." In addition to accomplished skills as a broad-ranged filmmaker, in the mold of John Carpenter, Jamie Blanks is also known as one of the most good-natured men in the entertainment industry. A key cast member on his first feature film (URBAN LEGEND, 1998) commented in an interview that were it not for how "nice" he was, she would have thought he was a seasoned director of many films. To Blanks' credit, the mix of artistic creativity, technical excellence, topped off with kindness and generosity, has blossomed more as his career advanced to the stature of one of the great filmmakers of his generation, with the talent to direct, compose, and edit visually stunning films with rich narratives.

Concerning STORM WARNING, Adrian Roe (Author of "First Scream to the Last" and "Final Scream") writes: "Blanks’ expertly crafted use of music, visuals, and striking imagery ramp up the atmosphere and tension to a visceral level that becomes almost unbearable, and only has one way to go?breaking point." Blanks is accomplished stylistically from synth-based to orchestral. The score for STORM WARNING is that of a brewing storm - when it reaches its peak fury - all "Hell Breaks Loose."

With a foreword by author Mike Thorn, detailed notes on both scores by Jamie Blanks, and an epilogue by author Adrian Roe, STORM WARNING/CRAWLSPACE features Howlin' Wolf Records' most extensive packaging to date with a 32-page, full-color booklet, stunning photography by both Terry Hope and Hugh Fleming, and gorgeous original artwork by Hugh Fleming, all gloriously crafted and designed by longtime Howlin' Wolf Records Art Director, Luis Miguel Rojas.-HOWLING WOLF RECORDS

Track List


1. Main Title, 2:19
2. The Boat, 1:45
3. Mangrove Maze, 5:25
4. French Island, 2:46
5. Any Port in a Storm, 7:00
6. Hostile Hosts, 9:34
7. Quid Pro Quo, 3:10
8. Escape Attempt, 2:22
9. Waking Poppy, 7:36
10. Family Talk, 4:32
11. Trip Wire Trap, 2:33
12. Brett's Last Chance, 2:38
13. Hooked on a Ceiling, 2:38
14. Body Bag, 2:22
15. Pillow Talk, 4:26
16. Rape Escape, 3:24
17. Hell Breaks Loose, 6:22
18. End Titles, 3:34
19. Trip Wire Trap (Bonus Track), 2:45
20. Storm Warning (Bonus Track), 1:39

Running Time: 79 mins.


1. Wicked of Oz Logo, 0:14
2. Crawlspace, 2:49
3. Pine Gap, 2:49
4. Sub Surface, 7:29
5. Wailer, 2:28
6. Killer Gorilla, 2:56
7. Tomb, 3:57
8. Delusions, 3:19
9. Stinger, 0:23
10. Eve, 2:21
11. The Lab, 2:21
12. Mind Over Matter, 2:01
13. Experiments, 3:56
14. Hybrid, 2:08
15. Lockdown, 1:48
16. Mind Quake, 2:26
17. Unnatural Whispers, 4:20
18. Lab Battle, 2:10
19. Burn Tunnel, 4:11
20. Little Left, 1:36
21. Puppet Masters, 3:58
22. Mind Blower, 5:46
23. Eve Escapes, 3:01
24. End Title, 3:40
25. Malicious Technology (Bonus Track), 1:51
26. Run (Bonus Track), 0:52
27. Lurking Menace (Bonus Track), 1:27
28. Mission Briefing (Bonus Track), 1:19
29. Retreat (Bonus Track), 1:07

Running Time: 79 mins.