2. JIMMY P.


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CD No: HWR-1010
Release Date: 2012/07/10
Format: 1CD

Written for the Dover Quartet with chamber orchestra, Howard Shore’s score for Arnaud Desplechin’s Jimmy P. balances the film’s themes of memory and introspection. The film is an adaptation of George Devereux’s book Reality and Dream: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian, which stars Benicio Del Toro and Mathieu Amalric, and follows a Native American soldier aka Jimmy Picard (Del Toro) who suffers psychologically in the aftermath World War II. Working together, Devereux (Amalric) and Jimmy P. form a bond of friendship amidst their professional therapeutic relationship.

Track List

1. Overture
2. Jimmy P.
3. The Barn
4. Topeka, Kansas
5. Dining Hall
6. Dead Drunk
7. Devereux
8. Lily
9. Madeleine
10. Dreams
11. War
12. Three Traumas
13. Psychotherapy
14. Puppet Show
15. Relapse
16. Doll
17. Oxyencephalogram
18. Reality and Dream