2. DOUBT


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CD No: HWR-1001
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Format: 1CD

Academy Award -winning composer Howard Shore's orginal score to John Patrick Shanley's film Doubt starring Meryl Streep, Philip Symour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Viola Davis. Doubt, a Pulitzer Prize-winning play brought to screen, is a story about the quest for truth, the forces of change, and the devastating consequences of blind justice in an age defined by moral conviction. The score, written for a 17 piece chamber orchestra, features hammered dulcimer, Appalachian dulcimer, harmonium, recorder, Celtic harp, mandolin and Irish bouzouki. “As the winds of political change seep through St. Nicholas in the Bronx, I hope to place you in this cloistered life and ask the question - did he or didn't he?”

Track List

1. Main Title
2. Sacristy
3. Daybreak
4. Be Alert
5. I am Concerned
6. The Locker
7. The Rose Garden
8. Porch
9. The Storm
10. Sister James
11. Accused
12. Feathers
13. The Crow
14. Donald
15. Range
16. Mrs. Miller
17. Confrontation
18. Goodbye Sermon
19. Doubts