2. PIANO 60'S/ Takefumi Haketa

PIANO 60'S/ Takefumi Haketa

Price(USD): $29.80

Label: HATS(JPN)
CD No: HUCD-10300
Release Date: 2020/11/11
Format: 1CD

Takefumi Haketa brings an album to commemorate his 60th birthday
Release Date: 2020.11.11

Track List

1. The Cider House Rules
2. Fragrant Woods (Album Ver.)
3. Norwegian Wood
4. De la fenetre du train
5. My Favorite Things
6. Deborah's Theme
7. Playing Love
8. My Love
9. A Day in Nohant
10. Current Date
11. Like Eternal Oasis
12. Someday My Prince Will Come