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CD No: HSRX009
Release Date: 2014/02/11
Format: 1CD

Released on Summers Casablanca label, 'The Deep' soundtrack opens with 'Barry's Return To The Sea 2033 A.D', a 24 minute ballet based on the theme to 'The Deep' which showcases Barry's subtle and intriguing soundtrack style and the only track on the first side of the original LP. Side two has three different versions of the 'Theme From The Deep' which the pair wrote together. The first of which 'Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside)' (UK NO.5) shows Summer affecting her 'Love To Love You' orgasmic vocal style to great effect, and the version that closes the album - '(A Love Song)', with its slower tempo, gives her vocal an even more beguiling tone. The LP also features Becketts Disco Calypso, a very pleasant contemporary dance track that provides exactly what its title suggests. Unfortunately both the film and the soundtrack have been relatively overlooked since their release but there is no question that this recording stands up to Barry's best work, and with Summers involvement together they have created a unique moment in both soundtrack and dance music history.

Track List

1. Return To The Sea 2033 A.D.
2. Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside)
3. Theme From The Deep (Instrumental)
4. Disco Calypso
5. Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside) (A Love Song)
6. The White House Years (Single B-Side)
7. Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside) (12" ?Disco Version)