2. CITTA' VIOLENTA 45th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray & Original Soundtrack CD set

CITTA' VIOLENTA 45th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray & Original Soundtrack CD set

Price(USD): $71.90

CD No: HPXR-82
Release Date: 2016/09/02
Format: 1CD

Release Date: 2016.9.2(Limited)

Track List

Blu-ray release of the film ''Final Shot'' to commemorate the 45th anniversary of this title. Comes with a description. Features DTS-HD Master Audio and contains two kinds of Japanese dubbings. This edition additionally comes with an original soundtrack CD.

Special Feature / Bonus Track: original trailer(s), interview, still gallery

Product Type: Blu-ray
TV Standard: NTSC
Number of Discs: 2
Label/Distributor: Happinet
Color: Color
Running Time: 110minutes
Original Release Year: 1970
Layers: single-sided/single-layered
Aspect Ratio(s): 16:9 Scope
Region: A
Subtitles: Japanese
Audio Track: Japanese DTS HD 2.0ch Monaural / Italian DTS HD 2ch Stereo

Original Soundtrack with Japanese new design label

1.Citta Violenta 2:24
2.Rito Finale 3:05
3.Mille Volte Un Grido 2:31
4.Citta Violenta(nr. 2) 1:17**
5.Momento Estremo 3:18
6.Con Estrema Dolcezza 2:41
7.Svolta Definitiva 4:37
8.Norme Con Ironie 3:55
9.Riflessione 1:27
10.Disperatamente 2:53
11.Rito Finale (nr.2) 1:29
12.Con Estrema Dolcezza (nr.2) 3:08**
13.Rito Finale (nr.3) 2:34**
14.Citta Violenta (nr.3) 2:40**
15.Dolcemente Acre 3:15
16.Citta Violenta (nr.4) 4:52**
17.Sospensione Sovrapposta 1:40
18.A Caissa 2:24
19.Citta Violenta (nr.5) 5:00**
20.Con Estrema Dolcezza (nr.3) 1:09**
21.Riassunto 3:07

** Not included on previously Japanese release in 1994