2. Hana Doll* 3rd season THINK OF ME: FAKE

Hana Doll* 3rd season THINK OF ME: FAKE

Price(USD): $23.50

CD No: HNDL-34
Release Date: 2023/05/26
Format: 1CD

HanaDoll 3rd season, 1st album of Anthos ! An ideal world that is slowly crumbling. Only those who want to know the truth about them, move on. An artist project organized by Amagiri Productions, an entertainment agency that exists in an imaginary dimension. Hana-Doll Project" (Hana-Doll Project) was suddenly announced in the idol industry. What is the story that awaits the boys, who have been implanted with the seeds of "Hana" inside their bodies by a special technology, as they aim to become "perfect idols"? 5 tracks of drama part + 2 unit songs. Trading cards (2 random cards out of total 14 kinds *There will be a total of 14 kinds of normal cards with new visuals and autographed copies). [Cast] Ryoga Kagegawa: Daiki Hamano, Setsuna Yashiro: Shun Horie, Rito Toudou: Kento Ito, Chise: Wataru Komada, Kaoru Kisaragi: Shunichi Toki, Mahiro Yuki: Seiichiro Yamashita, Yota Kiyose: Toshiki Masuda
Release Date: 2023.5.26