2. Hana Doll* Anthos* - Behind The Frame - LIHITO & KAORU & SETSUNA

Hana Doll* Anthos* - Behind The Frame - LIHITO & KAORU & SETSUNA

Price(USD): $15.50

CD No: HNDL-29
Release Date: 2022/09/16
Format: 1CD

Anthos* is a 7-member boy group belonging to the artist project "Hana-Doll Project" ( Hana-Doll Project ) hosted by Amagiri Productions, an entertainment agency that exists in an imaginary dimension. They have started a special project series called "Behind The Frame" in which they form a new unit within the group and release songs with lyrics written by themselves. The first project features three vocalists, Rito, Kaoru, and Setsuna, who have been attracting a lot of attention for their vocals. The theme of the project is the value of love, and the three members' concepts are presented with a coolness and masculinity that is different from their usual style. Drama part + 1 original unit song. Includes trading cards for each member [6 cards in total (3 normal cards and 3 cards with autographs)], 1 jacket visual card (round card size). Limited time offer: 1 random video photo card from 3 types (streaming until April 17, 2023) [Cast] Rito Kendo: Kento Ito, Kaoru Kisaragi: Shunichi Toki, Setsuna Yashiro: Shun Horie [Machine Translation]
Release Date: 2022.9.16