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Label: GONZO
Release Date: 2019/07/12

Each limited edition box set contains: CD; DVD / BluRay; Signed / numbered Certificate; 8 x Repro Lobby Cards A6; Repro Japanese Press Pack; A3 Repro poster; 10 × 8 Charisma Press Photo of Rick; 4 x A5 repro press photos. Rick Wakeman s grandiose early recordings, with full orchestrations, clearly brought him to the attention of film producers over the years. This has resulted in a number of interesting soundtrack albums, both for cinema and TV. The Burning , a Bob and Harvey Weinstein produced shock horror movie from 1981, was Rick s second soundtrack album, recorded in Queens, New York at The Workshoppe Recording studio, primarily with the musical director Alan Brewer on guitar, studio owner and engineer Kevin Kelly on bass and New York drummer Mike Braun. The soundtrack for the album was a combination of Rick s own compositions and recordings, with additional contributions from Alan Brewer (credited as Alan Brawer) and Alan s wife at that time, Anna Pepper. Kevin Kelly explains, The soundtrack for the movie itself was recorded over several weeks, primarily just by Rick himself playing something like 100 cues. When it came to the soundtrack album, Rick arranged some of the more frequently used cues in a prog rock style into the four pieces that are on side A and these were re-recorded specifically for the album by Rick, Alan, Mike and myself. The released album was therefore literally an album of two sides, not only in the vinyl sense, but also the music it contained. Side A, tracks 1-4 on the CD, are the arrangements of music from the movie, featuring a host of analogue synths favoured by Rick at the time. The signature sounds, and strong band ensemble certainly bring to mind Rick s earlier work The Six Wives of Henry VIII and fans of that album will find a lot to like on Side A. Of particular note, alongside the more familiar Hammond and Moog, is the wonderful Prophet 10 synthesizer, the only recording by Rick to feature it.
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