2. AKUDAMA DRIVE Vol. 3 [Limited Edition] (Blu-ray+CD)

AKUDAMA DRIVE Vol. 3 [Limited Edition] (Blu-ray+CD)

Price(USD): $72.80

CD No: GNXA-7453
Release Date: 2021/02/26
Format: BD+CD

Bonus for purchasing complete set of limited edition Blu-ray or DVD volumes 1-6: Storage box to hold all volumes newly illustrated by Rui Komatsuzaki, the character designer. Original story and original character by Kazutaka kodaka and Rui Komatsuzaki. The two, who have worked together on the "Danganronpa" video game series, will once again join forces in this animation. The director is Taguchi Tomohisa, who worked on "Persona 4 The Golden" and "Digimon Adventure: LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna". The animation is produced by studio Pierrot, which produced "Osomatsu-san" and "Tokyo Ghouls" series. Includes episodes 5-6. Limited edition comes in a anime illustrated slip case box and special digi-pak. Comes with special booklet and bonus soundtrack.
Release Date: 2021.2.26(Limited)