2. BERSERK 1st & 2nd Season Blu-ray Box (Blu-ray+3CD)

BERSERK 1st & 2nd Season Blu-ray Box (Blu-ray+3CD)

Price(USD): $328.80

CD No: GNXA-1865
Release Date: 2019/10/30
Format: 4BD+3CD

Blu-ray Box release of anime adaptation to Kentaro Miura's best selling comic book "Berserk" seasons 1 and 2. The episodes aired on TV were edited due to TV retractions, however the episodes in this box come in the complete versions. Includes a script and story board of episodes 3 "Kiseki no Yoru" and a 160-page revival booklet. Bonus CD 1: TV ANIMATION BERSERK ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK. Bonus CD 2: Shiro Sagisu Soundtrack Alternate Takes. Bonus CD 3: read-aloud drama CD with three episodes. Note that the bonus CD 1 is the same content as catalog number: GNCA-1840.
Special Features: promotional TV special, "Project B no Michi," special excerpts from the first season, creditless intro & outro, promotional videos, creditless outro for epi.23 & 24, TV spot & trailer for the second season and more
Release Date: 2019.10.30