2. UNITED 93


Price(USD): $30.30

CD No: GNCE-3060
Release Date: 2006/08/09
Format: 1CD

On September 11, 2001, United flight 93 prepares to take off from Newark to San Francisco after a delay. As crew and passengers go through the usual flight routine, little do they know that four Al Qaeda terrorists are sitting in their midst. Once the airplane is airborne, the terrorists hijack the plane and force the pilot to head for their target, the third on that fateful day.

The passengers and crew are faced with a dilemma. Should they sit back and watch, or should they do something to prevent the terrorists from reaching their goals?

Universal Pictures presents United 93, the harrowing new film from the director of The Bourne Supremacy which opened on April 28 to nationwide acclaim and rave reviews. The intensely dramatic score for United 93 was composed by John Powell.

Track List

1. Prayers (6:02)
2. Pull The Tapes (4:14)
3. Take Off (3:07)
4. 2nd Plane Crash (2:27)
5. Making The Bomb (3:57)
6. The Pilots (1:21)
7. The Pentagon (1:43)
8. Phone Calls (10:49)
9. The End (5:50)
10. Dedication (3:51)