2. ROBOTS (Score)

ROBOTS (Score)

Price(USD): $30.30

CD No: GNCE-3034
Release Date: 2005/07/27
Format: 1CD

Original soundtrack to CGI fantasy about robot life, from creators of ICE AGE. Orchestral score by John Powell steps up to launching pad, takes off, never looks back. Busy music hits numerous styles as it races by, refuses to take a breath along the way. Stunning performance, crisp recording are additional assets. Only liability: CD literally runs out of breath, closes with a whimper. Pete Anthony conducts Hollywood Studio Symphony.

Track List

1 Robots Overture
2 Rivet Town Parade
3 Bigweld / Creating Wonderbot
4 Wonderbot Wash
5 Train Station
6 Crosstown Express
7 Wild Ride
8 Madam Gasket
9 Chop Shop
10 Meet The Rusties
11 Bigweld Workshop
12 Phone Booth
13 Gathering Forces
14 Escape
15 Deciding To Fight Back
16 Attack Of The Sweepers
17 Butt Whoopin'
18 Homecoming
19 Dad's Dream