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CD No: GNCE-3005
Release Date: 2003/12/17
Format: 1CD

Composer Brian Tyler earned great notices earlier this year for his score for the epic Sci-Fi Channel mini-series Children of Dune. For TIMELINE, Tyler has composed his grandest score to date, featuring heroic fanfares, percussive, militaristic battle music and a sweeping love theme. The film offered an enormous canvas for music and the composer took full advantage, creating an appropriately spectacular soundtrack for this great adventure.

Track List

1. Main Title
2. Galvanize The Troops
3. Battle of La Roque
4. Troops In The Fog
5. Battalion
6. 1357 France
7. Enter The Wormhole
8. Timeline
9. Lady Claire and Marek
10. Night Arrows
11. Transcription Errors
12. Storming The Castle
13. Battlefield Revealed
14. Interruptus
15. Mysterioso
16. Eternal
17. Village Burned
18. Descent
19. History Will Change
20. Past And Present