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Label: BTF/GDM(IT)
CD No: GDMLP6708
Release Date: 2015/10/20
Format: 1LP

GDM Music is pleased to reprint one of the rarest 33 rpm of RCA: ''Ciao, Rudy,'' starring Marcello Mastroianni on stage, in the 1966 jazzy version performed by Armando Trovajoli on piano, Carlo Pes on guitar, Maurizio Majorana on bass, Roberto Podio on drums. The themes like “Quattro palmi di terra in California”, “Abbiamo Julio”, “Questo si chiama amore”, “Piaceva alle donne” from the famous musical of Garinei and Giovannini written with Luigi Magni with music by Armando Trovajoli relives here a new light through extraordinary Lounge revisitings with the sound of the fabulous Marc 4, which in recent times have been rediscovered and re-evaluated by the younger generations. For this reprint was used the mono master tape of the original 33 rpm. --- from the label

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Track List

Side A Ciao, Rudy (4:56) Quattro palmi di terra in California (3:40) Abbiamo Julio (3:45) Questo si chiama amore (6:15) Valentino tango (4:09) Side B Gente matta (3:56) Cosi e lui (4:27) Il mio nome (3:20) Piaceva alle donne (3:50) Il proibizionismo (3:28)