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Label: GDM(IT)
CD No: GDM01206
Release Date: 2015/02/10
Format: 2CD

GDM 2CD Album series of 100 Ennio Morricone Original Soundtracks (50 x 2CD Albums). A remastered edition of the most complete edition. Limited 300 copies.

Terence Young became a famous director for bringing the first James Bond movie Dr. NO to the screen in 1962. He directed two more James Bond films: FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (1963) and THUNDERBALL (1965). Youngdirected THE ROVER (L’AVVENTURIERO) in 1967. A costume drama after the 1923 novel by Joseph Conrad.

The film was shot in and around Rome, Italy in late 1966. It is a colorful adventure set against the infamous Reign of Terror in the eighteenth century France, starring Anthony Quinn and Rita Hayworth, who danced together 26 years earlier in the film BLOOD AND SAND in 1941. Anthony Quinnplays the eighteenth century pirate and deserter Peirol, running for the French, who was seduced by an innocent girl named Arlette, played by Rosanna Schiaffino. There were high expectations, but the film was not a great success as hoped. However, the best thing about the film is the fantastic score. Ennio Morriconewrote a stunning main theme for the film that became a classic. The score is sometimes powerful and recalls the classical symphonic music at some points, but naturally it is completely original, written especially for the film. The main peculiarity is its diversity. Highlights are the Baroque music, as in track 9, “il Varo”, and suspense in “un Attimo di Tenerezza” and “Peirol Forza il Blocco” with the chorus I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni. The score has it all, well conducted by Bruno Nicolaiand this cd is a jewel in the collection. In 1967 a soundtrack LP was released in Italy on the limited non-commercial RCA SP series. The new cd version is re-mastered and you can hear the soloists Angelo Stefanatoon violin and Dino Asciollaon viola as clear as never before.


In 1964 director Mario Caiano ( as Mike Perkins) directed the Italian western BULLETS DON’T ARGUE (US title). In the sixties many American western actors came to Europe to play in European western movies, like also Rod Cameronwho played the role of sheriff Pat Garrett. On the day of his wedding, the Clayton brothers, Billy and George, robbed the local bank. Garrett caught the bandits in Mexico, but to come home with the two brothers and the money was a challenge. It turned out to be a very acceptable western. The film credits say that the music was composed by Dan Savioand conducted by Leo Nichols: these two names are both pseudonyms for Ennio Morricone. The maestro worked on this score in the same year as he composed that one for PER UN PUGNO DI DOLLARI. The music is completely different from the Sergio Leonefilm and yet it remains a typical western with orchestrations for guitar, trumpet and the whistling by Alessandro Alessandroni.

The American Peter Teviswrote the lyrics for the song Lonesome Billy that he also performed as a singer. The harmonica in the score, as in track 5, is by Franco de Gemini. In track Le Pistole Non Discutono, you can almost hear the bandits ride on their horses, infact the rhythm resembles the sound of riding horses. Unfortunately the film and the CD give no information on who is the female singer, in track 10, Cantina Messicana. She has a nice voice. In this score, although being an early western by Ennio Morricone (his first western for the western genre is DUELLO NEL TEXAS from 1963), the maestro did know already how to create tension in the film with his music and track 12, Gli Indiani NR.3, is a classic example. The score has a few great themes that are reflected in various orchestrations.

Track List


1. Lonesome Billy 1:500
2. Le pistole non discutono 2:33
3. Gli indiani 2:13
4. Le pistole non discutono (tema chitarra) 2:02
5. Le pistole non discutono (2) 4:39
6. La ragazza e lo sceriffo 1:08
7. Le pistole non discutono (tema chitarra 2) 1:59
8. Le pistole non discutono (3) 1:05
9. Gli indiani (2) 3:38
10. Le pistole non discutono (cantina messicana) 1:43
11. Le pistole non discutono (4) 2:18
12. Gli indiani (3) 4:19
13. Le pistole non discutono (tema chitarra 3) 3:00
14. Le pistole non discutono (4) 1:59
15. Lonesome Billy (stereo mix) 1:49
16. Gli indiani (stereo mix) 2:12
17. Le pistole non discutono (stereo mix) 2:32

Total Time: 41:42

L’AVVENTURIERO 1. L'avventuriero (parte I) 4:45
2. Il rogo della strega 3:40
3. Agguato notturno 1:23
4. Un attimo di tenerezza 1:54
5. Paura dei ricordi 1:46
6. L'avventuriero (parte II) 2:40
7. Tema di Peirol 3:13
8. Peirol forza il blocco 7:39
9. Il varo 2:08
10. L'avventuriero (parte III) 1:49
11. Momenti sereni 1:23
12. L'avventuriero (4) 2:41
13. Il rogo della strega (2) 2:13
14. Un attimo di tenerezza (2) 2:51
15. L'avventuriero (5) 2:34
16. Peirol forza il blocco (2) 6:59
17. L'avventuriero (6) 2:15
18. Il varo (2) 2:01
19. Momenti sereni (2) 2:13
20. Tema di Peirol (2) 3:32
21. L'avventuriero (7) 6:03

Total Time: 66:48