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First CD expanded release of one of the rarest Italian RCA LPs, issued in 1966 in a very limited quantity, as LPM 10172 with 18 tracks. Our new Expanded Edition contains 6 Previously Unreleased Tracks. The CD production was supervised by Maestro Trovajoli himself, who also wrote the notes included in the CD booklet: I am particularly fond of the music of the film AMERICA PAESE DI DIO because I had the honor to write it four-hands together with Maestro Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, for whom I always considered myself to be a student. Proposing to write for the first time together this soundtrack it was for me a very exciting experience on both the artistic and human level.
It's a 1966 'Mondo Movie' directed by Luigi Vanzi (IL MONDODI NOTTE, UN DOLLARO FRA I DENTI, UN UOMO UN CAVALLO UNA PISTOLA), starring in 'Cameo' roles Cary Grant, Edward G. Robinson, Jack Lemmon, Lauren Bacall, Tony Curtis. This film is a mixture of excerpts from documentaries about facts, places or people of the United States of America. These excerpts, which are often very brief, cover a great variety of subjects, such as social activities, industry, ultra-modern agglomerates and neglected areas, sportive and religious demonstrations, explosions of racial hatred, etc.. The film tries to show how industrialism is replacing religion in America. Sequences feature drug addiction, weird sects and poverty. This isn't necessarily a great movie, but it's a really important historical document, American Society in 1966 seen through an Italian Mondo Lens and lent the gravity of prize winning novelist Italo Calvino supplying the commentary, and Tony Anthony director Luigi Vanzi supplying the footage and montage. Plus, it's beautifully filmed , very much in the manner of the Antonioni movie referenced above (Vanzi was Michelangelo A.'s assistant director so that really is a connection) or so many American 'new cinema' films shot by Haskell Wexler or inspired by his example: Nashville, for example, and, perhaps rather than the Mondo Ghetto this is regularly placed in, it deserves to be seen alongside them too. Besides, those old anti-American cliches are suddenly new again.

De-Luxe booklet with 16 pages of rare archive photos and posters. LIMITED EDITION OF 500 COPIES.
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24 Tracks
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