2. GETAWAY, The (CD+DVD)


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Format: 2CD

OUT OF PRINT CD. Sam Peckinpah and Jerry Fielding formed one of the most potent director/composer collaborations in cinema history, creating lasting works in The Wild Bunch (1969), Straw Dogs (1971) and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974). One of their efforts together, sadly, was not to be: The Getaway (1972), for which Fielding's score was replaced by an equally fine yet different one by Quincy Jones.

For years Fielding's score was known only by reputation; associate producer Gordon Dawson said it was 'like a man in a green suit walking in a forest.' Portions were included on a private Jerry Fielding compilation in 1992; finally, this CD features the premiere authorized release of the complete score in excellent stereo sound.

The Getaway starred Steve McQueen and Ali Macgraw as a husband-and-wife criminal team attempting to save not only their lives and their loot but their marriage. Fielding provided the requisite action and thriller strains, but keyed onto the couple's fraying relationship with gentle, melancholy colors and a sophisticated, feathery approach.

As a special bonus, this CD package includes a bonus promotional item not for sale separately: a DVD of the half-hour documentary, Main Title 1M1: Jerry Fielding, Sam Peckinpah and The Getaway, a highly personal reminiscence by three of the women in Jerry Fielding's life: his wife Camille, daughter Elizabeth, and Peckinpah confidante Katy Haber.

(Please note: This is an ALL REGION NTSC DVD, which means it will play on an ALL REGION DVD player.)

Liner notes by Peckinpah authority Nick Redman -- who produced this album and directed the documentary film -- provide a wealth of historical detail, and exact timings for relating the music to the motion picture. This is a must-have package for fans of Peckinpah, Fielding, and '70s cinema.


Track List

Music for The Getaway: Jerry Fielding's Original Score
Composed and Conducted by Jerry Fielding

Not Contained in the Motion Picture

1. Benyon's World 1:34
2. The Water Hole 2:25
3. Doc and Carol 1:24
4. Casing the Joint 1:31
5. The Bank Robbery 7:47
6. Bullet Proof 1:30
7. Payoff 2:20
8. Bag Theft 3:31
7. Laughlin's 0:42
8. Punch It, Baby 1:18
9. Shall We Gather at the River 0:47
10. Texas Trash Heap 1:23
11. Hombres 1:04
12. Money Talks 2:28
13. Hotel Confrontation 4:17
14. End Credits 2:06

Total Time: 38:05

Special Free Bonus DVD:

MAIN TITLE 1M1: Jerry Fielding, Sam Peckinpah and The Getaway

A Dog Bros. Co. Production
Directed by Nick Redman
[c]2005 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

Running Time: 29:54
1.85.1 Letterbox
Stereo Mix: left/right