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Label: PROMO
CD No: FLASH07-01
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Format: 1CD

The magical soundtrack to the fantastic animated educational film. Orchestral and choral melodies filled with beauty, wonder, and whimsy. From the Indies label. Digipack.

“Flatland: The Movie” is an animated film inspired by Edwin A. Abbott's classic novel, “Flatland”.
Set in a world of only two dimensions inhabited by sentient geometrical shapes, the story follows Arthur Square (voiced by Martin Sheen) and his ever-curious granddaughter Hex (Kristen Bell). When a mysterious visitor arrives from Spaceland, Arthur and Hex must come to terms with the truth of the third dimension, risking dire consequences from the evil Circles that have ruled Flatland for a thousand years.
Kazimir Boyle's music shines as an integral part of the classic animated storytelling of “Flatland”. His memorable themes imbue the characters with real heart, and bring the listener right into their world, to join in their adventures. Featuring orchestral and choral textures, the music is at times joyous, treacherous, whimsical, heartbreaking, and mysterious.

Track List

1 Main Titles
2 Morning In Flatland
3 Squaricles
4 Pantocyclus
5 A Math Lesson
6 A Gift For Hex
7 Other Worlds
8 Spherius
9 Spaceland
10 Rumor And Myth
11 Circle Council
12 Area 33-H
13 Race To The Rescue
14 Hex Learns The Truth
15 The Trial, The 4th Dimension
16 End Titles