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CD No: FCAB-CD-0003
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Format: 1CD

When Milwaukee film director Graham Killeen approached Endless Blue to score his short film Six Bullets nearly three years ago, no one could have guessed the heavily stylized, vastly grandiose, and at times quirky result. After three years of work, the soundtrack CD and film have been released. From the eerie dirge of “Regret” to the banjo laced drum and bass fight music of “Ganru Chapel” to the playfully bad musicianship of “Saloon”, the score shows a deeper and eclectic side to the musicians of Endless Blue. Nick Mitchell, Endless Blue's producer and self proclaimed soundtrack buff, mixes his signature gritty trip-hop sound with Ennio Morricone styled tremolo guitars and Native American styled instrumentation to create a strange brew of emotional music. Combined with singer Laura Hillman's ethereal and non-lyrical vocals and the cello talents of Rosa Thompson-Vieira and Tom Woodling, the score punctuates the stylistic inertia of this neo-western film.

Included on this CD is the full, extended score, as mixed by Nick Mitchell. In addition, there are several tracks that were for previous cuts of the film or simply did not appear in the film.

Track List

1 Same Dream
2 Demon
3 Storytelling
4 New Husband
5 Return
6 Revenge
7 Regret
8 Haunted Lands
9 The Plan
10 Saloon
11 The Witch
12 Widows
13 Resurrection
14 What Does It Feel Like
15 Railroad
16 Ganru Chapel
17 Descent
18 Gemini
19 Poisoned
20 Who Does She Cry For
21 Undone