2. Collar X Malice -deep cover- THE MOVIE Original Sound Collection

Collar X Malice -deep cover- THE MOVIE Original Sound Collection

Price(USD): $22.90

Label: avex pictures(JPN)
CD No: EYCA-14140
Release Date: 2023/06/21
Format: 1CD

Collar X Malice, a two-part theatrical anime based on the popular video game "Collar X Malice," will be releasing a soundtrack CD!

(1) Approximately 30 songs composed by Masaru Yokoyama will be included in the film!
(2) A collection of songs with a profound sense of depth that is typical of the theatrical version of the film.

Release Date: 2023.6.21

Track List

1 Mystery Junction
2 Five Dogs Patrol
3 Smells Like Distant Smoke
5 Silent Whistle
6 Counterblow
7 Eternal String
8 Sugar Glazed Memory
9 Next Chapter
10 United Keys
11 Scent of Enemy
12 Wild Knife
13 Ghost Bullet
14 Found Catalyst
15 Surface Tension
16 Neo Shinjuku Plan
17 Heroic Heart
18 Days of Investigation
19 Old Yellow Pages
20 Sayonara Crossroad
21 Jitter Connection
22 Gathered Justice
23 Heliport Gravity
24 Poison to Poison
25 Heavy Trigger
26 Square One
27 10 Pieces for piano from the ballet 'Romeo and Juliet' Op. 75 No. 6 "Montagues ad Capulets"