2. ONE PIECE 20th Season Wa no Kuni Hen piece.47

ONE PIECE 20th Season Wa no Kuni Hen piece.47

Price(USD): $28.90

CD No: EYBA-14191
Release Date: 2023/11/01
Format: 1CD

TV Animation "ONE PIECE" 21st Anniversary! Finally, the "Wa no kuni Arc" begins!
Based on a boys' manga by Eiichiro Oda, which is serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump to rave reviews.
Since its serialization began in 1997, the series has quickly gained popularity, and the TV animation began broadcasting in 1999.
Since then, it has become a long-running series that has always boasted a high level of popularity, finally surpassing 900 episodes in 2018.
Numerous theater versions have been produced, and the latest film, "ONE PIECE FILM RED," the 13th in the series, was a blockbuster hit, grossing 197 million yen at the box office!
In addition, numerous media mix works and related products, such as games, have been created, and related events have never ceased.
It is the pinnacle of entertainment for boys that has created several movements and continues to grow!

Included: 3 episodes, content undecided.
APPROX: 72min, 2 layers, 16:9 LB NTSC, for the Japanese market, DOLBY. DIGITAL STEREO

Release Date: 2023.11.1