2. MAYONAKA NI HELLO! [Limited Edition] (3BD+1CD+GOODS)

MAYONAKA NI HELLO! [Limited Edition] (3BD+1CD+GOODS)

Price(USD): $103.50

CD No: EPXE-5207
Release Date: 2022/08/31
Format: 3BD+1CD+GOODS

TV drama series "Mayonaka ni Hello!" that aired from January to March 2022 to be released on Blu-ray! In addition to the 10 episodes that aired on TV, the Blu-ray also includes 2 spin-off dramas distributed on dTV and re-edited footage of the Hello! Project members' singing scenes that appeared in each episode as bonus footage. Also included is a soundtrack CD containing the songs from the singing scenes. Comes in a special box shaped like a "door" with a sticker sheet, a 24-page booklet (subject to change), and acrylic stands of Mariko (Momoko Kikuchi) and Mizuki Fukumura, the mother who runs the guesthouse "Sun Plaza Asanuma" and the "door" that is a key item in this work.
Release Date: 2022.8.31(Limited)