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CD No: EN4CDJ-9136
Release Date: 2018/01/24
Format: 4CD

Four CD set featuring Lalo Schifrin's early 10 albums.

Creator of some of the most iconic all-time film scores, Lalo Schifrin built a reputation as one of the most talented composers and arrangers in musical history, earning five Grammy Awards during his career so far. A highly skilled pianist too, Schifrin has worked alongside an eclectic array of musicians from across the jazz spectrum, including Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Cannonball Adderley, Louis Bellson, Stan Getz and Luiz Bonfa. However, it was while fronting his own bands and conducting his own orchestras that Schifrin truly excelled, with his early albums providing an exciting blend of styles, both traditional and modern. This collection, featuring over five hours of music across four discs, brings together the complete early works of Lalo Schifrin as band leader, from his debut album to the point at which he left behind the groups and orchestras to compose full time for the worlds of film and TV. Faithfully tracking the development of the great man's music across this crucial era, this collection will prove the perfect introduction to the work of a master writer, arranger and musician, as well as a welcome reminder of his earliest sounds.
Release Date: 2018.1.24

Track List

Disc 1
1. Red Sails In The Sunset
2. Azure
3. The Moon Was Yellow
4. Ruby
5. Black Beauty
6. When The Wind Was Green
7. Brown Prelude
8. White Orchids
9. Blue Is The Night
10. Scarlet Ribbons [For Her Hair]
11. Purple Pastel
12. Frenesi
13. The Breeze And I
14. Capricho Espanol
15. My Shawl
16. Caravan
17. Malaguena
18. Cha Cha Cha Flamenco
19. Warsaw Concerto
20. Hullabalues
21. Jungle Fantasy
22. All The Things You Are
23. El Cumbanchero
24. The Snake's Dance
25. An Evening In Sao Paulo
26. Desafinado
27. Kush

Disc 2
1. Rhythm - A
2. Mount Olive
3. Cubano Be
4. Sphayros
5. Boato
6. Chora Tua Tristeza
7. Poema Do Adeus
8. Apito No Samba
9. Chega De Saudade
10. Bossa Em Nova York
11. O Amor E A Rosa
12. O Menino Desce O Morro
13. Menina Feia
14. Ouca
15. Samba De Uma Nota So
16. Patinho Deio
17. The Wave
18. Insensatez
19. You And Me
20. Lalo's Bossa Nova
21. Silvia
22. Murmurio
23. Maria
24. Rapaz De Bem
25. Samba No Perroquet
26. Rio After Dark
27. Time For Love
28. Four Leaf Clover

Disc 3
1. Samba Para Dos
2. What Kind Of Fool Am I?
3. I Get A Kick Out Of You
4. Just One Of Those Things
5. Time After Time
6. It's All Right With Me
7. My Funny Valentine
8. But Not For Me
9. Days Of Wine And Roses
10. Theme From Lawrence Of Arabia
11. Hallucinations
12. Who Will Buy
13. Hud
14. She Loves Me
15. Jive Orbit
16. Impressions Of Broadway
17. Variations
18. Primitive
19. Explorations
20. Cycles

Disc 4
1. Ostinato
2. Etude For Tympani And Strings
3. Toledano
4. Prelude no.2
5. The Peanut Vendor
6. Bachianas Brasileiras no.5
7. New Fantasy
8. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
9. The Blues
10. Sabre Dance
11. El Salon Mexico
12. Gone With The Wave
13. Laniakea Waltz
14. A Taste Of Bamboo [Hula Twist]
15. Halieva Blues
16. Taco - Taquito
17. Breaks
18. Aqua Blues
19. Surf Waltz
20. Five By Four [Ala Moana]
21. Breaks Bossa Nova
22. Waimea Bay