2. ONE PIECE MOVIES - Best Selection (140gr Colored Vinyls, 2LP)

ONE PIECE MOVIES - Best Selection (140gr Colored Vinyls, 2LP)

Price(USD): $55.80

CD No: DV4760
Release Date: 2024/02/09
Format: 2LP

Luffy, a mischievous boy, dreams of becoming the king of the pirates by finding the "One Piece", a fabulous and mysterious treasure. But, inadvertently, Luffy one day swallowed a "magical devil fruit" that turned him into a rubber man. Since then, he is able to contort his elastic body in all directions, but he has lost the ability to swim, the height for a pirate! Over the course of ever more incredible adventures and chance encounters, Luffy will gradually compose his crew and multiply friendships with the peoples he discovers, while facing formidable enemies.

Kohei Tanaka worked on the composition and arrangement of this album.

ATTN: Shipping charge for 8 discs applied

Track List

Disc 1

1. The Thief Brothers Appear
2. Sanji's In a Big Pinch!
3. Terror of the King Cannon
4. Boroodo's Confession
5. Bear King's Rage
6. Spirited Swordsman Zoro
7. Bet Your Life On It!
8. Mother, Then Setting Off
9. Butler and His Henchman Appear!
10. An Enemy is coming!
11. Sanji vs Snake
12. Big Fight!
13. Fierce Battle! Zoro & Sanji
14. Shuraiya vs Needles
15. Going Merry, Fly!
16. Gasparde's Power
17. Shuraiya's Past
18. As Long as You're Alive
19. Luffy Appears!
20. The Marine Swordsman's Battle Cry
21. Action Starts
22. Three Towers
23. Luffy's Fierce Attack
24. Resort Island
25. Sinking...
26. Be Careful
27. Thoughts Don't Reach Far Enough

Disc 2

1. Karakuri Defense System, Activate!
2. Karakuri Defense System, Deploy!
3. Something Terrible Awakens!
4. It Awakens!
5. A Mother's Love
6. The Golden Crown Exists!
7. Ratchet's Ambition
8. Karakuri Castle, Transform!
9. Straw Hat Pirates, Begin Counterattack!
10. Giant Stronghold, Takeoff!!
11. Karakuri On Guard!
12. Luffy Versus Ratchet Round 1
13. Zoro Versus General Water
14. Sanji Versus Captain Honki
15. Luffy Versus Ratchet Round 2
16. I Will Surpass You!!!
17. Conviction of the Blackbeard Pirates
18. Shut Up!!! Let's Go!!!!
19. Daft Green ~Cause of Tragedy~
20. Gathering ~Last Desperate Hope~
21. The Operation Begins ~The Village is Destroyed~
22. Terror of the Giant Animals ~Things were already bad!~
23. Sanji's Leg of Wind ~This is a taste of East Blue love~
24. The Final Battle ~Gigant Thor Axe~
25. Song of Triumph ~The Islands Fall to the Sea, the People Fly to the Sky~