2. THEY ARE BILLIONS - Original Game Soundtrack (Gold Colored Vinyl, 2LP)

THEY ARE BILLIONS - Original Game Soundtrack (Gold Colored Vinyl, 2LP)

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CD No: DV12781
Release Date: 2023/07/07
Format: 2LP

Feel the ground shake beneath your feet as swarms of infected march towards your colony! The soundtrack for They Are Billions was composed by Nicolas de Ferran, a prolific composer who already has about fifteen soundtracks to his credits and experience as a Music Editor on OSTs like A Plague Tale: Innoncence, Vampyr, and more. Due the game's humble beginnings, the music was originally produced on a low budget, using only samples and virtuals instruments. However, following the overwhelming success of the Early Access, the music was re-orchestrated and completely re-recorded with the National Slovak Symphony Orchestra in Bratislava. A 60-piece orchestra recorded the music for the game for an entire day in the concert hall of Slovak Radio, with sound engineer Peter Fuchs (known for Fable, Total War, Call of Duty and more). With its cinematic epicness, stressful ambiences and inspiring melodies, this album is a must-have awaited by the whole community!

"They Are Billions has been an incredible experience in my career and I'm very happy to be able to keep the music of this game alive with Microids Records"
Nicolas de Ferran

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Track List

A1 An Ocean of Doom 2:37
A2 Getting Settled 0:25
A3 Crimson Leaves 2:06
A4 Reconquest 2:17
A5 The Dark Moorland 1:31
A6 Election Day 0:09
A7 Danger from Within 2:27
A8 Hunger March 2:21
B1 Eerie Horizon 1:43
B2 Strong Walls 2:42
B3 Sharp Frozen Teeth 2:11
B4 Incoming Menace 3:30
B5 Derelict Sand Castles 2:41
C1 The Throne Room 1:33
C2 Lurking Shadows 2:06
C3 We Are Done For 3:24
C4 Caustic Steam 3:56
C5 The New Empire 2:24
D1 Dark Experiments 2:00
D2 The Goddess of Destiny 3:21
D3 They Are Billions! 5:21
D4 Make It Out Alive 3:37