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CD No: DGST008
Release Date: 2016/02/01
Format: 1CD

We are pleased to release for the first time ever on CD and in complete edition, the OST by Carlo Rustichelli for the film ”Il terribile ispettore”. Soundtrack: 46:05 minutes

In 1969 Paolo Villaggio was well known to television audiences as Professor Kranz and his camel stuffed animals, a grotesque character with hat and tails in the program ''Quelli della Domenica.” ''The Terrible Inspector'' was his second film after his debut on the cinemas in 1968 with the film ''Eat it'' (''Mangiala''). Fantozzi would become a national hit six years later, in 1975, but Villaggio’s comic vein had already exploded in the role of Paolo De Angelis, a young man willing to do anything to go up in his career.

The great Charles Rustichelli composed the background music with a small orchestra, which highlights the terrible personality of the protagonist through scores ranging from funny to grotesque. Although the main character is an extremely grouchy, cunning man, he truly loves his girlfriend, played by a young and beautiful Agostina Belli. Rustichelli wrote a recurring romantic waltz motif that is very sentimental. During the opening credits there is an amusing nursery rhyme sung by a male voice and a choir, which seems to imitate the famous theme of Brancaleone (we’ve also included an alternative version in mono with vocals off allowing you to hear a delightful shake arrangement). For our CD, lasting a total of 46:05 minutes, we have used the stereo master tapes of the recording session. -- from the label.

Track List

01. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (Titoli di testa) 3:11
02. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (gran furbetto) 4:52
03. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (tema d’amore valzerino) 2:19
04. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (escalation) 3:25
05. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (tema d’amore) 2:31
06. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (il piano di Paolo) 5:21
07. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (funerale buffo) 2:52
08. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (attesa) 4:31
09. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (tema d’amore) 2:35
10. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (buffo grottesco) 2:19
11. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (night club) 2:19
12. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (tema d’amore) 2:33
13. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (funerale buffo) 1:19
14. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (tema d’amore) 2:08
15. IL TERRIBILE ISPETTORE (Titoli di testa alternativi in mono) 3:12