2. THE LOST EMPIRE (Vinyl)


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CD No: DEWA46-1
Release Date: 2016/06/03
Format: 1LP

with Alan Howarth's music for the 1983 Jim Wynorski classic THE LOST EMPIRE. A thrilling adventure that spans multiple countries that pits a trio of ass-kicking ladies against a mysterious villain and his plan to create an army of female terrorists from his remote island, the film stars cult actress Raven de la Croix (Russ Meyer's UP!) and the late, great Angus Scrimm (PHANTASM). Howarth's score is what you'd expect from his revered work with John Carpenter on movies like BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA and PRINCE OF DARKNESS: full of expansive colours and incessantly memorable synth hooks, with the main theme juxtaposing ghostly effects against a thumping beat that leads into an amazing high keyboard melody that features throughout the score. Howarth mixes different elements; the effortlessly cool tune for LAPD hero Angel Wolfe, the mysterious and dangerous theme for awesome Native American Whitestar, and the Eastern flavours representing the evil of Dr Sin Do and his island of terror. There's no ''in association with'' here - THE LOST EMPIRE is pure Alan Howarth, and it's badass to the 9th degree.
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Release Date: 2016/6/3

Track List

1?The Lost Empire
2?Stolen Gem
3?Punks at School
5?Jewellery Shop
6?Angel's Apartment
8?Bull Fight
9?Prison Fight
10?Induction Center
11?Airport Departure
12?Examination Room
13?Chariots of Fuego
14?Night Patrol
15?Lost Empire Reprise
16?Sin Do
18?Night Fortress
19?The Pit
20?Let's Get Them Girls
21?The Seduction
22?The Fruge
23?Meet Your Maker
24?Whitestar End Titles
25?Lost Empire Main Titles
26?Punks at School/Angel's Apartment
28?Cowboy Fight to Prison
29?Induction Center
30?Flight to Golgotha and Examination
31?Chariots of Night Patrol
32?The Gladiator
33?Seduced By Dinner
34?Arena Battle
35?Chamber of Horrors
36?Sin Do's Domain
37?Seduced By Dinner