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Release Date: 2024/07/19
Format: 2CD

Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE BEST OF THE FAIRYTOPIA SAGA, featuring music composed by Eric Colvin for the computer-animated fantasy films FAIRYTOPIA, MERMAIDIA, MAGIC OF THE RAINBOW and MARIPOSA.

One of the longest running, highest selling and most adored toy properties in the history of children’s toys is a high-fashion accessory doll named Barbie, created by Ruth Handler for Mattel in 1959. Although Barbie has been around for sixty-five years, it’s only been in the last twenty-five years that Barbie has made appearances in made-for-television animated specials. One particular series of films features Barbie as a wingless fairy named Elina, beginning with FAIRYTOPIA in 2005 and continuing with three follow-up movies, MERMAIDIA, MAGIC OF THE RAINBOW and MARIPOSA.

Once upon a time, in a magical realm known as Fairytopia, there lived a beautiful flower fairy named Elina who lived with her puffball, Bibble. Unlike other flower fairies, Elina did not have wings, an unfortunate condition for which she was mercilessly ridiculed. One day, Elina discovers that one of the guardians of Fairytopia has been kidnapped and only she has the power to bring her home...

The music for the FAIRYTOPIA series was composed by Eric Colvin, who has worked as a composer, musician, conductor and synthesizer. His works as composer includes MONTE WALSH, CROSSFIRE TRAIL, NASCAR: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE, MURDER SHE PURRED: A MRS. MURPHY MYSTERY and more. Colvin has also worked as a record producer and as a scoring assistant, keyboard performer, arranger and orchestrator for other composers including Basil Poledouris.

For the FAIRYTOPIA films, Colvin was encouraged to utilize “old-school” thematic scoring techniques using specific instruments and leitmotifs to represent various characters, concepts, and locations peppered throughout the narrative of all four films. While the music budget was low for these films, the composer was able to create beautiful orchestral music that was all achieved in the box: no live players, just the Vienna Symphonic Library, two GigaStudios, and a sequencer.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE BEST OF THE FAIRYTOPIA SAGA on two CDs, featuring music composed by Eric Colvin for the popular series of FAIRYTOPIA films. The liner notes are written by author and composer Brian Satterwhite, featuring the participation of the composer. The music has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland.

THE BEST OF THE FAIRYTOPIA SAGA is on two CDs as a Disc-On-Demand release.

Release Date: the week of July 15th, 2024.

Track List

CD 1
01. Fairytopia Main Title/Magic Meadow (3:38)
02. Fairy Wings Guide Your Way/ Flower Ride (4:35)
03. Meet Azura/Azura Tells Of Laverna (4:48)
04. Fungus Captures Azura / Get Back Here (2:50)
05. Evading Firebirds/Wildering Wood/Hugh Needs Rest (4:31)
06. Laverna is Conquered (8:56)
07. Bibble’s Being Followed / Naloo’s In Trouble/Let’s Find Naloo/Meet Max (3:37)
08. Vail of Poison/Looking For Clues/Meet Nori/What Sea Butterfly?/Nori Rejects Elina (4:02)
09. Going Underwater/Carousel of Confusion (4:42)
10. Where The Merfairies Live/Race Is On (4:01)
11. Faux Delphine/I Think You’re Delphine (2:26)
12. You Must Prove Yourselves/Wishing Pearls/To The Depths Of Despair (2:26)
13. Struggle To The Depths 5:21)
14. Mirror Of The Mist/Max Finds The Immunity Berry (3:56)
15. Crest Of Courage/Bibble Pops The Bubble/It’s That Way/Geyser Challenge (3:16)
16. Berry Cave/Naloo Hanging Upside Down/Naloo Is Freed/Behold The Immunity Berry! (3:32)
17. Laverna The Toad/Back At The Meadow (3:46
Total Time, CD 1: 71:07
CD 2
Magic Of The Rainbow

01. Lyndon & The Tumble/Dorm Arrival/Fabulous Faben (4:13)
02. Bibble Meets Dizzle/Reluctant Goodnight (4:12)
03. Guardians Arrive/Lumina’s Foreshadowing/Water Control/Laverna Plotting (4:28)
04. Sunburst Is Steamed/Luminescence Fizzled/Elina & Sunburst Light Fight (4:16)
05. Preparing For The Flight of Spring (11:33)
06. Flight of Spring/Laverna Defeated (12:01)
07. Mariposa Main Title (3:39)
08. We’re Gonna Be Late/Demanding Sisters/Nothing To Wear (4:18)
09. Gastros Boasts / Reading The Same Book (2:07)
10. The Prince Is In Danger/For Hope/Carlos Behind Bars (4:12)
11. Chased by Skeezites (4:10)
12. Lonely In The Bewilderness/Crazy For Fluttercorn/Spying (4:00)
13. Down To The Water Worlds/The Sea Beast/Monster’s Mouth (5:17)
14. Flutterfield Saved (8:01)
Total Time, CD 2: 77:03