2. ...CONTINUAVANO A CHIAMARLO TRINITA' (TRINITY IS STILL MY NAME) 50th Anniversary Edition (Colored Vinyl, 180gr LP)

...CONTINUAVANO A CHIAMARLO TRINITA' (TRINITY IS STILL MY NAME) 50th Anniversary Edition (Colored Vinyl, 180gr LP)

Price(USD): $42.50

Label: BEAT(IT)
Release Date: 2022/07/10
Format: 1LP

After the release of Lo chiamavano Trinita soundtrack, and its 50th anniversary edition we couldn't miss the meeting with its famous sequel …Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinita, featuring the soundtrack by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis, the two musicians brothers among the most popular authors of soundtrack and other music in Italy.

Since a while out of catalogue again available in this super collector's edition on 180 colored vinyl, white featuring a green stripe in the middle. On the cover Renato Casaro's artwork, finally complete and uncut on top of Trinity's horse.

The Master assembled by Beat Record' sound engineer, Enrico De Gemini, features the original tracklist plus some extra bonuses which complete the album.
Remastered from the 24 inches master tapes, already for the last Digitmovies edition, it represents one of the best sounding productions in our whole catalogue and fills a void in the two brothers composers discography, with this deluxe edition, that needed to be filled.

Trinity stand tall, Remember and all the other iconic themes of the soundtrack of …Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinita in a limited edition you can't miss by Beat Records and Duse Records.
Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 5 discs

Track List

Lato A
1 Trinity stand tall * 3:17
2 Il carro al fiume 1:40
3 Trinity e bambino al ristorante 2:02
4 Bambino si confessa 3:08
5 Trinity e Bambino a San Jose 1:39
6 Remember (instr.) 1:53
7 Bar di notte 1:09
8 ...continuavano a chiamarlo Trinita - Seq. 2 1:16
9 ...continuavano a chiamarlo Trinita - Seq. 3 0:58
10 Assalto alla diligenza - 0:33
11 Trinity e Bambino a San Jose - 0:47

Lato B
1 Remember * 4:14
2 Trinity e Bambino in citta 2:11
3 Pace alla missione 5:27
4 Assalto alla diligenza 1:28
5 Ranch di Parker 1:14
6 Titoli finali 0:57
7 Trinity e Bambino a San Jose 2:09
8 Trinity stand tall (instr.) 0:40

Durata totale: 37:39

Musica composta e diretta da Guido & Maurizio DE ANGELIS