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Label: BEAT(IT)
CD No: DDJ023
Release Date: 2012/12/12
Format: 1CD

First release in the DDJ series dedicated to lounge and funky sonorities in Italian cinema to celebrate Romagna Maestro Fabio Frizzi, author of many popular scores both alone and with Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera.
It's one of the very first soundtracks the M° composes in full autonomy in 1980 for the movie Manaos, directed by Alberto Vazquez Figueroa with a cast of great valor among which Fabio Testi and Agostina Belli. A story full of adventure and romance set in exotic Amazonia, in Brazil: surely the score composed by Frizzi will not delude you. The popular composer also of some of the most beautiful horror scores of Italian cinema now at ease with love themes, suspense and rhythmical sequences is surely promoted with top score, a great proof of talent and skill that from the very beginning, the main titles, a sweeping song orchestrated in the disco-funky style of the period will bring you into a score full of orchestrations of a great love theme mainly executed with strings and great action and tension cues. Included in the CD a 12 pages booklet featuring commentaries on the score by the composer and a short essay by the critic Fabio Babini on Agostina Belli, one of the Italian divas of the period. What else do you need to own one copy? It's unreleased, 42:48 of great stereophonic sound, limited edition to 500 copies, hurry up!

CD AUDIO in JEWELBOX, 12 pages booklet, mastering by Enrico De Gemini, liner notes by Fabio Frizzi and Fabio Babini, graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini.- Beat Records

Track List

1 Manaos (canzone) 3'41''
2 Manaos - Seq. 1 2'40''
3 Manaos - Seq. 2 1'57''
4 Manaos - Seq. 3 1'51''
5 Manaos - Seq. 4 2'40''
6 Manaos - Seq. 5 2'27''
7 Manaos - Seq. 6 1'54''
8 Manaos - Seq. 7 2'47''
9 Manaos - Seq. 8 1'54''
10 Manaos - Seq. 9 2'39''
11 Manaos - Seq. 10 1'54''
12 Manaos - Seq. 11 1'40''
13 Manaos - Seq. 12 1'54''
14 Manaos - Seq. 13 2'18''
15 Manaos - Seq. 14 2'39''
16 Manaos - Seq. 15 1'22''
17 Manaos - Seq. 16 1'53''
18 Manaos - Seq. 17 3'40''

Stereo TT: 42'48''

Music composed and conducted by

Manaos (canzone)
Lyrics by Michael Fraser
Music by Fabio Frizzi