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Release Date: 2023/06/09
Format: 1CD

Dragon's Domain Records presents a Disc-On-Demand edition of the original soundtrack by Chuck Cirino to Jim Wynorski's new science fiction thriller, MURDERBOT starring Lauren Parkinson, Eli Cirino, Walker Mintz and Rocky DeMarco as the Murderbot. When a sentient female robot goes on a berserk killing spree, a group of young people fight for their lives while the mad scientists who created her try to stop the slaughter.
Chuck Cirino has worked as a producer, director, filmmaker, videographer, animator, special effects technician, editor, and composer. He has scored films for Roger Corman, directed music videos for bands like Earth, Wind & Fire and The Dickies’ KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, and has recorded over 40 music soundtracks for feature films including SORCERESS, HARD TO DIE, TRANSYLVANIA TWIST, and many others. He executive produces and directs WEIRD TV, a television series featuring weird Americans, bizarre news, unbelievable events and outlandish skits. Chuck’s credits also include executive producer and director of the Sci Fi Channel projects, WORLDWIDE WEIRD and WARPED IN SPACE, and BABERELLAS, an independent Sci Fi feature distributed by Xenon Pictures.

Chuck also produced BURNING MAN 1994, the very first documentary on the subject. Chuck works and resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Flordilyn and a cat, Too Too. His spare time is spent growing an experimental back-yard, permaculture food forest.

Dragon's Domain Records is proud to present Murderbot with music composed by Chuck Cirino.

This is a CDR on demand title.

Track List

01. Murderbot (2:22)
02. Diner Tonight (2:28)
03. Taking Out The Help/Bad Vibrations (3:10)
04. General Attitude (3:39)
05. Arrival/Blood Stains (3:39)
06. Flashback and Detox Room (3:47)
07. Emotion Immulator And Escape (3:10)
08. I?Saw Superman (2:53)
09. Infinite Kiss (3:19)
10. Rampant Running (3:09)
11. Excursions (4:34)
12. A?Trail Of Carnage (4:43)
13. Run, Girl Run (End Titles) (1:31)
14. PureBlood (Unused) (1:07)
15. Freeway Bypass (Unused) (2:58)

Total Time: 47:05