2. SENGOKU JIEITAI (TIME SLIP / I WANT TO) 4K Digital Restored Ultra HD Blu-ray [HDR] (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray+2Blu-ray+CD+Book)

SENGOKU JIEITAI (TIME SLIP / I WANT TO) 4K Digital Restored Ultra HD Blu-ray [HDR] (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray+2Blu-ray+CD+Book)

Price(USD): $116.80

CD No: DAXA-5873
Release Date: 2022/10/28

In commemoration of the first anniversary of the death of Shinichi Chiba, who played the lead role of Yoshiaki Iba and was also the action director of this film, "Sengoku Jieitai" (aka "Time Slip", "I Want To") is now available on 4K Digital Restoration Ultra HD Blu-ray [HDR Version]!

* The original motion picture score from"Sengoku Jieitai" is included on CD for the first time!
6mm sound source that was said not to exist until now has been unearthed! In the past, a collection of image songs was released as the "Sengoku Jieitai" soundtrack (1979 LP, 1995 CD *currently out of print), but this time, the remastered 6mm play accompaniment that was unearthed has been released on CD for the first time!

* First time the original audio from the theatrical release is included!
In addition to the original 4-channel stereo sound, monaural sound and dubbed sound produced for overseas release are included for the first time!
* For those films with 5.1ch sound, Dolby Atmos conversion has been reconverted.
In this film, the 5.1ch remix sound source supervised by Fumio Hashimoto, a recording engineer, was converted to Dolby Atmos when it was released on DVD in 2005!
* Remastered in Dolby Vision!
UHD-BD is a triple-layer disc (100GB) in order to record the ultimate picture quality.
The original trailer and special features are also converted to 4KHDR and recorded in UHD.

* Sengoku Jieitai" Complete Document Collection is included!
The "Sengoku Jieitai" Complete Documentation Collection, consisting of newly discovered stills and interviews with related parties, is included in the package.

* "SENGOKU JIEITAI" with overseas version (English dubbing) selection playback function!
When the newly discovered English dubbed audio is selected, playback switches to the overseas version (English opening title and English ending roll), allowing you to watch the international version for export! In addition, Japanese subtitles can be selected for the English audio.

Release Date: 2022.10.28(限定盤)

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