2. SOLARIS SOUND AND VISION Collector's Edition (LP+CD+Deluxe photo-book)

SOLARIS SOUND AND VISION Collector's Edition (LP+CD+Deluxe photo-book)

Price(USD): $98.80

Release Date: 2022/11/18
Format: 1LP+CD+BOOK

Song Cycle Records is pleased to announce the release of Solaris Sound and Vision, a collector’s edition box set, that includes the soundtrack realised by the great Russian composer Edward Artemiev for Andrey Tarkovsky’s masterpiece film Solaris (1972).
LP and CD remastered in San Francisco, CA in May 2013.

Exclusive photo book with unreleased images of the movie set and essays about music and cinema of the duo Artemiev/Tarkovsky. The cd has the same vinyl tracklist.

Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 12 discs

Track List

A1 Part I 2:48
A2 Part II 2:32
A3 Part III 2:22
A4 Part IV 3:13
A5 Part V 2:27
A6 Part VI 7:18
A7 Part VII 3:55
B1 Part VIII 2:56
B2 Part IX 1:26
B3 Part X 0:38
B4 Part XI 2:09
B5 Part XII 1:42
B6 Part XIII 4:44
B7 Part XIV 0:44
B8 Part XV 4:36
B9 Part XVI 6:19
B10 Part XVII 1:21