Price(USD): $25.30

CD No: CTN-4
Release Date: 2022/08/24
Format: 1CD

The first soundtrack commemorating the 35th anniversary of "Street Fighter" series! On August 30, 1987, a legend was born. In this unprecedented concept, fighters from all over the world are fighting each other on the screen by actually punching the cabinet! The only one who stands up to them is the genius fighter Ryu! The original "Street Fighter", which is the starting point of the series but has never been released as a stand-alone product, is now available for the first time ever! 23 songs from the arcade version, including the first recorded song, plus a voice collection! This is the original Street Fighter sound!
Release Date: 2022.8.24

Track List

1 Insert Credits
2 Stage Select
3 Versus
4 Round Start
5 Retsu (Japan)
6 Geki (Japan)
7 What Strength!
8 Joe (USA)
9 Mike (USA)
10 Bonus Stage 1 - Breaking Bricks
11 Lee (China)
12 Gen (China)
13 A Challenger Appears!
14 Birdie (England)
15 Eagle (England)
16 Bonus Stage 2 - Breaking Boards
17 Adon (Thailand)
18 Sagat (Thailand)
19 The Strongest Street Fighter in the World!
20 Staff Roll
21 High Scores
22 Ranking
23 Defuse the Bomb!
24 Voice Collection