2. TAIL OF THE SUN (Vinyl)


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CD No: CTN-37
Release Date: 2024/08/21
Format: 1LP

The soundtrack of "Tail of the Sun," the odd game of the century that has and will never fade away, is once again unleashed on the concrete jungle with the latest remastering in the mid-90s, a time when games like never before appeared one after another!
This work, which was born from the stance of "throwing in everything that comes to mind," has become a masterpiece that continues to be loved to this day as a work that appeals to the player's primitive senses and gives them strange, indescribable sensations, such as "suddenly falling asleep while running," "Japanese sweets to satisfy hunger," "something strange about jumping," and so on.
The music, too, is a masterpiece of Caveman techno, a mix of primitive rhythms, cosmology, death, love, and even train announcements, a Jackson Pollock of sound. --- from Label

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