2. DONUT DODO (7'' Vinyl)

DONUT DODO (7'' Vinyl)

Price(USD): $17.50

CD No: CTN-15
Release Date: 2023/09/20
Format: 1EP

The world's first commercialization of the masterpiece retro-style action game that has been a hit with game fans.

With a look and music that seems to come straight from the 80's, "Donut Dodo" stole the hearts of game fans as soon as it appeared on the market!
The nostalgic and addictive music, which has received rave reviews in various places, is now available on CD and limited vinyl for the first time in the world in response to such requests ...... to keep it close at hand!
Both the CD and the vinyl include new songs from the arcade version of "Donut Doodle Doo! which is currently running in arcades, is also included.
It also includes an interview with the composer of this wonderful music, Sean Bialo.
This special edition was made possible by a love call from Japan.

Track List

Disc 1
1.Fun House Fiasco
2.Construction Site Chaos
3.Ferris Wheel Frenzy
4.Candy Store Crush

Disc 2
1.Steel Works Sizzle (exA-Arcadia)
2.Dodo's Lair
3.Stage Complete
4.Bonus Pumpkin Bounce
5.Game Over