2. PREDATORS (Complete) (2CD)

PREDATORS (Complete) (2CD)

Price(USD): $39.80

Label: PROMO
CD No: CRCD-046
Release Date: 2022/01/14
Format: 2CD

The complete score by John Debney for the third PREDATOR movie in 2010 "PREDATORS". Contains 46 tracks, about 126 mis of music on double discs. Limited Edition.

When a group of elite warriors find themselves in a jungle they realize that they are on a completely different planet and it's home to a race of extraterrestrial hunters. The group consists of a mercenary known as Royce, an IDF sniper known as Isabelle, a Russian Spetsnaz known as Nikolai, a drug cartel enforcer known as Cuchillo, an RUF officer known as Mombasa, a death row inmate known as Stans, a Yakuza assassin known as Hanzo, and an American doctor known as Edwin. It's up to these 8 individuals to stop their hunters and get off the planet. --- from IMDB

Track List


01. Predators
02. Free Fall
03. Free Fall (Revised)
04. Single Shooter
05. Meeting Isabelle & Hanzo
06. Mombasa and Stans Fight
07. 40
08. This Is Hell
09. Later That Day
10. Trek-The Rocks
11. This Is Not Our World
12. Cage-TripWires
13. Not of this Earth
14. Hound Attack
15. We're Being Hunted
16. Help Me
17. We Run, We Die
18. We Run, We Die (Insert)
19. Predator Attack
20. Death Camp-Meet Mr. Black
21. Isabell's Story
22. They See Our Traps
23. Over Here
24. Over Here (Alt)


01. Trek to Noland's-Noland's Place
02. How Do We Kill Them
03. We Are Predators
04. We Are Predators (Alt.)
05. Smoke
06. Smoke (Insert)
07. Wheres the Predator
08. Edwin Alone
09. Nikolai Blows (Ver. 1)
10. Nikolai Blows (Ver. 2)
11. Stans Last Stand (Ver. 1)
12. Stans Last Stand (Ver. 2)
13. Hanzo's Last Stand
14. Leg Trap (Ver. 1)
15. Leg Trap (Ver. 2)
16. Take Me to the Ship (Ver. 1)
17. Take Me to the Ship (Ver. 2)
18. Edwin and Isabelle Captured
19. Predator Fight-Royce Runs
20. Twisted Edwin-Royce Returns
21. She's Paralyzed-Prep for Battle-Fire Fight
22. Royce vs Predator
23. Lets Get off This Planet
24. Lets Get off this Planet (Alt.)