2. MAIAGARE! (NHK Renzoku TV Shosetsu)

MAIAGARE! (NHK Renzoku TV Shosetsu)

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CD No: COCP-41897
Release Date: 2022/11/23
Format: 1CD

MAIAGARE! NHK Renzoku TV Shosetsu in 2022 is an original work set in the manufacturing town of Higashi-Osaka and the nature-rich Goto Islands in Nagasaki, depicting the heroine Mai Iwakura (Haruka Fukuhara), who never gives up looking up at the sky and flying, despite being tossed about by various difficulties.
Harumi Fuuki who composed music for this TV drama, actually traveled to the Goto Islands to weave a heartwarming melody with sounds inspired by airplanes and the Goto Islands. The main theme as well as the emotional songs that accompany the characters are also worth listening to. Please enjoy the musical world of MAIAGARE!.

Release Date: 2022.11.23

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