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Release Date: 2014/07/27
Format: 1CD

The film score that I wrote in 1996 for the italian feature ''A Dio Piacendo'' (God's will) will be released for the first time on ''Cometa'' CD's. The cast of the film included well-known italian and french actors such as Corinne Clery, Ivano Marescotti, Marisa Merlini, Gigi Reder and Luigi Diberti. The music was performed by the Pantheon chamber orchestra conducted by Cristina Cimagalli.

PLOT:A family history of blackmail and jealousy determined by careerism. The rich engineer Gancemi is paralyzed, his daughter Valeria, for the control of activities, falsifies the will of his father, his brothers to exclude from future father's will. The antagonists then reveal real faces in a film that is a metaphor for life and death, the desire for power that surrounds us .....

A Dio Piacendo - God’s will
Notes by the composer

In 1996 I read an article on the Italian newspaper ''La Repubblica'' in which they were talking about a movie in production called ''God’s Will''. The story was about a blackmail within a family. I contacted director Filippo Altadonna and I proposed to compose the music . He told me that there was already another composer interested in writing the film score (the brother of the producer), but he said he would listen to my music. After listening some of my music demos, he told me that my themes were in tune with the mood of his film. The cast of ''God’s will'' was impressive: Corinne Clery, Ivano Marescotti, Marisa Merlini, Gigi Reder, Luigi Diberti and the plot was very inspiring. After completing the orchestrations, I began the search for a music publisher that could finance the film score. In my collection of soundtracks on LP, I had many titles published by the ''Cometa Edizioni Musicali ''. In that period, the editions ''Cometa'' were not producing any film scores, devoting more time to films dubbing. I decided to give a try and I made an appointment with the owner, Ivana Mattei to talk about the film. After the meeting she told me that she would finance the costs of the orchestra and the recording studio but would not pay my fee . I agreed . The film interested me. At this point it remained to choose the orchestra that would perform my music . I was in touch with a young conductor, Cristina Cimagalli who, at that time, was conducting the “Pantheon chamber orchestra”. I told her about the movie and she agreed to work with me. It was the first time, and I think it was also the last, that an orchestra, founded to perform sacred compositions during liturgical functions, was performing the music for a movie. With audio engineer Sergio Viscardi we went to a recording studio, normally used to record rock music and we started the recording of the film score. The problem with this recording studio, was that the chairs were very noisy and we could hear ''crunches'' all the time. In fact, in the recording, there are a few noises that give almost the effect of a ''live recording session”. I am very pleased with the soundtrack of ''God’s will'' and I am happy that, after many years, ''Cometa'' has decided to publish the music of the film for the first time . ---Marco Werba

Release date of July 25th.

Track List

LENGHT: 43’07”