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CD No: CMT10040
Release Date: 2013/05/23
Format: 1CD

Thriller songs contained in this CD were composed expressly for a program of RAI in 1968 by a great musician composer born April 7, 1920 in New York during a tour of the father in the U.S., he also great composer and conductor very famous in world. This great musician composer who died in Rome on November 8, 1996 at age 76, he was the Maestro Gino Marinuzzi Jr. who started his musical career very young and before graduating from the Conservatory of Milan, the city where he resided, composed at the age of sixteenhis first opera titled Concertino for piano and many others compositions.

In 1943 at the age of 23 years, he was locked up by the Nazis in various concentration camps where he remained for two years, and in one of these hearing from Russian prisoners of war their folksongs; to remember them, he noted with bits of charcoal or pencils on the empty sacks of cement then returned to Italy, they worked in a composition for four hands piano, which he called Lager lieder.

In 1946 Master left his adopted hometown of Milan and moved to Rome where he worked briefly as a substitute teacher at the Opera House and then as a composer and teacher. In 1956, still in Rome, opened the first laboratory for electronic music at the Accademia Filarmonica Romana, who later took the name of Electronic Centre of the Academy and he designed the Fonosinth the first centralized system designed and developed in Europe for the production and the 'electronic processing of music.

This unit was built by the engineers Ketoff and Strini in collaboration with Maestro Marinuzzi.Since the 60s, Maestro Gino Marinuzzi, he devoted himself mainly to the composition of several original soundtracks for films, theater and radio and composed lot of songs for television series and miniseries, and also arrangements and direction of orchestra. In 1967 he founded the studio R / 7 an electronic laboratory for experimental and concrete music and collaborated actively with the Masters that was part of the Group Improvisation Nuovs Consonanza. His last classical composition ''The Concertone'' for piano and orchestra, was dedicated to his father and was performed at the Auditorium of Foro Italico in 1985.