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CD No: CMT10034
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Format: 1CD

Futurable, in the sense of the word, is what might hypothetically be realized under certain circumstances, but which remains in future possibilities. These possibilities in Western musical culture are realized using the new technologies made available by new ideas, musical tape equipments and electronic instruments that have enabled a new conception of sound and musical composition itself. So Stockhausen declared: since 1950, we began to question everything that is European music: not only the musical language, its grammar and its vocabulary, but also the sound material used so far, the sounds themselves.

On this basis we have to include amongst the greatest authors of the concrete and electronic music, the name of Egisto Macchi, as the investigator of these new techniques: he composed, according to the various themes of the songs, unthinkable futuristic and exciting atmospheres.

The great knowledge of the composition, sound and tremendous sensitivity and musical inventiveness allowed him to take full advantage of the great opportunity and freedom that such innovative equipment, extremely unusual for that time, allowed him.

In the tracks of this CD, Maestro Egisto Macchi happily experiences all the possibilities of sound which at the time, the early seventies, could be imagined recreating all the atmospheres so well described in various musical titles, through minimalist instrumental sounds and vocals, with tricks of magnetic tape and analog sounds read in reverse, with concrete and electronic sounds.

Track List

1. Camere Anecoiche 5:00
2. Nuovi Pianeti 3:27
3. Richiami spaziali 4:22
4. Modulo Lunare 2:45
5. Capsula in Avaria 4:33
6. Forme Planetarie 1:30
7. Stazioni Spaziali 1:21
8. Extraterrestre 1:06
9. Punto Critico 3:08
10. Nebulose 2:40
11. Fascia Radioattiva 1:31
12. Aerofoni 2:57
13. Alba su marte 1:37
14. Astronavi 3:56
15. Reperti Lunari 4:48

Total Disc Time: 45:18